Cell tower proposed for Cherry Hill Rd. in New Paltz

While Village of New Paltz residents wrestle over a zoning code that allows 50-foot-tall buildings in some areas, there’s a proposal to stick a 72-foot-tall cell tower on Cherry Hill Road. The plan is being brought forward by representatives of Mobilite (pronounced “mobility”) to fill in data coverage issues in the community.

Paul Costa, a company manager, was on hand to answer questions. What he heard was that the process would likely be smoother if the tower was shorter. Many of the company’s hardware is put on existing light and utility poles, but nothing nearby is quite that tall. “I think it will get people upset,” said supervisor Neil Bettez.

“You might get less resistance if it’s shorter,” agreed deputy supervisor Daniel Torres.


Costa did not rule that out, but warned it might require more than one pole to hit the coverage goals.