New Paltz businesses receive historic preservation award

The Village of New Paltz Historic Preservation Commission presented two “Partners in Preservation” awards at last weeks New Paltz Village Board meeting. Certificates of appreciation were presented to Carmine and Debbie Russo, owner and manager of Russo’s Italian Deli on Main Street, and to Walter Marquez and Cosmo Lizzi of Water Street Market. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Members of the New Paltz Village’s Historic Preservation Commission like to give credit to a job well done. That comes in the form of annual “Partners in Preservation” awards, given to “property owners who have made significant improvements to their homes or places of business,” according to a released statement. There is no set number; commissioners simply decide who has fit the criteria. This year two awards were given: one for Russo’s Deli, the other for Water Street Market.

Russo’s Deli is run by Carmine and Debbie Russo, but their landlord Phil Costa was also mentioned. They “are being commended for greatly improved exterior spaces, including seasonal plantings and outdoor seating.” Walter Marquez and his partner, Cosmo Lizzi, “are praised for maintaining Water Street Market as a lively retail and cultural establishment that is also architecturally sensitive to community standards.”


These awards have been given annually since 2010, and as this year’s recipients suggest, don’t always go to property owners. Members of the community improvement team were commended for their tireless efforts beautifying public spaces, for example. The full list of recipients is available on the village web site, under historic preservation commission.