Kingston After Dark: Of Hummus and Headbanging

Hannah and Becky at Kovo. (photo by Morgan Y. Evans)

The attentive reader may have noticed that the last few weeks in Kingston After Dark I have been featuring some of our local restaurants a bit more. While I love plugging inspiring bands or discussing the area with interesting people, many have mentioned to me recently how Kingston’s dining scene is actually the most poppin’ thing going on lately. It is hard to argue with that sentiment.

This week I want to focus on one of the newer shining lights of Uptown, the still-under-a-year-old Kovo Rotisserie. Located at 43 North Front St., the business is a brighter and slightly more casual locale compared to likeable owner Maria Philippis’ more fine-dining establishment Boitson’s. Just one of the great qualities about both Kovo and Boitson’s is that in a relatively short time they’ve become so loved by people with good taste in the community that it’s difficult to imagine how we fared without them for so long. Have you tried the chickpea fritters with hummus? Have you?


Kovo has only been on the block since about last August, but the lighter fare, traditional Greek luxuries and café style atmosphere paired with a limited but pleasant wine section are hopefully here to stay. The comfortable, intimate, light-filled interior lends itself well to the delicious menu suitable for vegetarians or carnivores alike, with excellent salads or rotisserie free-range meats. You can even purchase imported dry goods like Kalas sea salt, sour cherry preserves, wildflower honey from Crete or sesame cookies. Maria’s grandparents owned a general store on the Greek island of Samos and she wanted to emulate where her love of special ingredients started.

During the week, you can enjoy Kovo’s atmosphere from 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. or stay an hour later on Fridays and Saturdays. As the weather gets warmer, and especially in the late spring to early summer, it’s going to be one of the most enjoyable spots by far in Kingston to grab a bite or a tasty Mythos Greek Lager.

OK, I know you were all sleeplessly awaiting my reaction to Lady Gaga and Metallica (two of my favorite topics combined into one) performing together at the Grammy Awards. Listen, while James Hetfield’s mic was out for a lot of the first verse, let’s focus on the positive. Trans star Laverne Cox forgot to mention Metallica (likely due to nerves) in the artist introduction, but Cox did have a beautifully inclusive mention of non-binary people. Hetfield adapted well and sung over his friggin’ shoulder sharing a mic with the awesome Gaga while still effortlessly riffing with his legendary picking hand. Punk rock fan that I am, the added element of chaos made it much cooler to me. Gaga having to ad-lib some wicked high notes and seeing her flip into the crowd with obvious glee was rad as a rock and pop fan, especially knowing Gaga has been a vocal supporter of the metal scene and bands like Anthrax and Lazer/Wulf. It goes to show that even in the majors, sometimes you have to adapt.

Anyway, Metallica have announced their WorldWired 2017 tour dates and the closest to us is MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. in early May. Head to for info. Sadly, the very overrated Avenged Sevenfold will be on the bill instead of Lady Gaga, but whatevs.


Ultraam beaming down

Now that the full moon in Leo, the eclipse and hopefully the last big snow have made you a moody cur, take heart in knowing that the most fun show of late winter is just on the horizon. Popular Kingston psych-warriors Ultraam return to BSP on Saturday, March 4. In the tradition of the Mahavishnu Orchestra (if they were indie rock dudes and former hippies who also maybe listened to Napalm Death on acid a couple of times but decided to not become grindcore and instead sort of mack it to chicks at bars) Ultraam are truthfully actually sonic wizards from another dimension. How’s that for a sentence? (Editor’s note: Pushing it.) Yes, the truth is if you beat the video game of Scientology, Ultraam are the secret boss who actually control Xenu’s puppet strings, much like Putin controls our own “President.” Suffice to say, this will be loud, proud and as weird as it gets! Indulge in yourself and hopefully in someone else.

Until next week, I hope that some of you built up stronger arm muscles using a snow shovel this week so we can slightly delay being lumped in with all the skinny Brooklyn hipsters just a bit longer. I mean, I am all for expensive coffee and honestly I don’t even care about higher taxes if it means I get to tell people I am from New York and not Trumpchump-Brainstainville, U.S.A. Still, if we really start getting into the fake Dali mustache caste system vibe around here too hard, I am gonna have to start doing my best to bring back trucker hats and promoting Miranda Lambert videos just to be a pain in the ass. Well, maybe I will at least try to promote real folk and mountain music. That “We Should Be Friends” video is pretty cute though. Also, barf on my chest. Thanks.