New Paltz police lieutenant attends FBI National Academy

Robert Lucchesi, second-in-command at the New Paltz police department, will soon be FBI trained. No, he’s not aiming for a new job; the FBI National Academy “is designed to provide instruction to command level members of police departments across the world,” he advised via e-mail during the ten-week program.

“I submitted my application about two years ago with the approval of Chief Snyder,” Lucchesi wrote, but not everyone makes it through the vetting process for the course, which is entirely paid for with federal tax dollars. “Some of the people who are attending with me have waited more than five years to get in.”

It will be over a month before Lucchesi returns to New Paltz with a head full of new knowledge. “Similar to college, there are multiple courses offered and you register for the classes you think will be beneficial to you and your agency. We are in our fourth week and the training has been great and the people amazing. There are definitely things I have learned in the first few weeks that I am looking forward to presenting to the Chief that can help enhance our service to the community.”