Serial re-enterer to be sent back to Mexico

A Kingston resident who, federal officials say, returned to the U.S. after being deported back to Mexico for having entered this country illegally is being prepared to be sent back again.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York, Erik Rodolfo Lozano-Arratia, 27, was sentenced on Tuesday, Feb. 7 to time served — 110 days in jail — for illegally re-entering the United States.

As part of his guilty plea, officials said, Lozano-Arratia admitted that he returned to the U.S. after his May 15, 2013 removal to Mexico. He also admitted that he had been removed to Mexico four other times — Jan. 4, 2012, Oct. 21, 2011, Aug. 18, 2011 and July 15, 2011, authorities said.


On Oct. 20 of last year Lozano-Arratia was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations officers in Kingston.

Following his sentencing, Lozano-Arratia was turned over to the Department of Homeland Security, which will place him into removal proceedings, authorities said.

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