Congressman John Faso on Trump immigration executive order: “neither well drafted nor well implemented”

John Faso

U.S. Rep John Faso (R-Kinderhook) issued a statement this afternoon critical of the president’s executive order regarding immigration policy.

“I believe that the order was neither well drafted nor well implemented,” said Faso.

The congressman acknowedged the need strengthen the nation’s security, but said “this is most effectively pursued through thoughtful and deliberative legislation” and that the executive order’s “process was rushed and led to confusion.”


“There is no doubt that we need to thoroughly vet people coming from countries where there are strongholds of ISIS and al-Qaida. At the same time, we have to balance our security with the need to respect the rights of US citizens and people who are subject to valid immigration proceedings, including lawful permanent residents.”

Faso’s criticisms of the order’s rollout echoed those from a growing number of fellow Republicans over the weekend, including former Presidential candidate and current Ohio Governor John Kasich, as well as senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

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  1. bill malo

    seems like you fit with the establishment boys in congress mcain graham Kasich I voted for you because I thought you were consertative I guess I was wrong very disappointed

  2. Junius

    As an Independent who voted for Clinton and Faso, I applaud our Rep. speaking out about this. It’s not easy to go against the president when you’re in the same party. You can’t expect Faso to denounce Trump the way a Dem would. We need reps willing to speak up, not just be human manifestations of a party platform. While Trumpkins will whine and Libs will say it’s not enough, the rest of us Indies who got Faso (and Gibson) elected are watching and appreciating this early declaration of indpendence.

  3. Lindsey

    Thank you so much, Congressman Faso, for speaking out to protect our democracy (and sanity)!! Please continue to do so as our constitutional democratic institutions come under attack by those in the highest seats of power.

  4. Nancy

    fact is OUR White House is filled with inexperienced oligarchs, professed alt right extremists, and religious fanatics that who obviously have no knowledge of the law or our constitution. after this election we have see a rising up of democrats, democrats that were asleep, progressives and even republicans that feel our democracy is at stake and what this president is trying to force upon us is unconstitutional and unlawful, yet he feels, as does his cabinet that they can say and do as they please in the interest of themselves, its fascism. forcing non disclosure!?! they work for us! SO Congressman Faso, we have risen, we are the majority and in our red CD 19 district, we will make sure we all vote…

  5. Doris

    We vet people for two years; the process is already very thorough. It safeguarded us during Obama’s presidency. I fear that Trump’s ill-conceived, anti-Muslim executive order may beget new terrorists. It suit Isis to a tea.

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