Onteora’s new eagle mascot almost done

The new Onteora District Mascot, the Eagle continues to move along with school officials finalizing its image for print readiness. Students and trustees are calling for an expedited unveiling so winter games can have a mascot displayed.

Superintendent Bruce Watson said at the Thursday, January 8 Board of Education meeting at the Middle/High School that an image of the Eagle should be unveiled in the gym by the end of the January. What will apparently take a little longer is the need for a graphics person to create the logo image for placement.

“So what does a graphic designer do?” Watson said. “…It will take any type of drawing, in this case a logo and set it up so we could make it any size we want and not lose the detail, which is important because as you go down the road, you may want pens with the logo on it, which is very tiny; you may want Tee-shirts, you may want to do decals for helmets, so that is part of what we are working on.” Board trustees thought the talons on the mural eagle were too large and Watson said they’re working with the artist to tweak it a little. Additionally, students are working in the art department on a painting that will be displayed in the gym. Watson said, “Our colors of black and red make it look really sharp, really cool.”


Trustee Kevin Salem said, “I would like to thank the students, because they did step up for their school. I’m hoping that when we bring these folks in that those students are kept in the loop.” Watson said he didn’t keep them in the loop with the fine-tuning, however they will approve the finished product. Student Representative Gabrielle Raphael said the student who created the image for the mural has been involved, “and it’s all going well, they feel respected and appreciated.”

Trustee Valerie Storey asked, “Where is the money coming from, to pay for it?” Watson said, “Right now, there is not a whole lot of money being spent, this is a draft and it’s through BOCES…” He added that money would be spent for the finalizing of the design, but will be minimal through the general fund. The press box on the football/track field will get a new mascot image following renovation.


In other news…

School Board President Bobbi Schnell back from a leave of absence opened up the meeting by having a moment of silence for Woodstock Supervisor Jeremy Wilber who passed away on January 1. “Jeremy was a great supporter of our schools,” she said.

High School Principal Lance Edelman listed the many assemblies going on within the school mostly focused on prevention. This included, substance abuse awareness and prevention day titled, “There and Back,” for grades 7-through-12, and Dr. Mikee Fowlin returned for a second year for High School students and parents. “He resonates with the students,” said Edelman, who hopes Fowlin’s schedule will allow him to return next year.

There will also be a speaker through Ulster County Community College in April focused on driver safety.

The High School hosted a county wide jazz workshop sponsored through the Ulster County Music Educators Association.

Edelman also announced that Onteora High School was recognized through the College Board that as one of 433 school districts in the United States and Canada on their AP honor roll. To be part of this honor roll, Onteora High School needed to increase the number of students in Advanced Placement classes since 2014 while maintaining a high percentage of exam scores of three or higher. “We are one of only 25 school in New York that have been given this honor,” he said.

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