Are you on Santa Reynolds’ list?

’Tis the season. Celebration time. Come on! For the nice and the naughty and to all in between, you know if you’ve been bad or good. So for goodness’ sake, holiday greetings.

For Steve Noble — Free parking.

For Sara McGinty — Judge Judy’s dicky collar.

For Kevin O’Connor — Alms for the poor.

For Lynn Woods and Steve Blauweiss — Lost Rondout, the movie.

For Sophia Reuner  — Lunch with “the girls.”

For Ralph Caterino — Hair-raising DVDs.

For Tim Rose — Steaming heaps of compost.

For George Hucker — Eagles on Woodstock’s No. 5, and a partner.


For Dennis Doyle — Georgie Jessel’s rendition of “My Mother’s Eyes.”

For Gerry Benjamin — A serious charter redo.

For Jennifer Schwartz Berky — Ray Guerin’s take on global warming.

For Basch and Keegan — A bigger bus.

For Bob Dittus — A Tonka truck.

For Judy Hansen — Rain, rain and more rain.

For Ron Woods — Long lost KHS athletic records.

For Kathy Dittus — An invitation to Trump Tower.

For Zephyr Teachout — Joel Tyner’s playbook.

For Bill Berardi — A direct line to city hall.

For Peter Matera — A few more lines.

For Mary Work — Cruising with Victor.

For Bill Larkin — Four more years!

For Barbara Clark — A Lexus manual.

For James Nani — A root canal from Dr. Nunez.

For Anne O’Dougherty — A Texas two-step.

For Ken Ronk — A desk next to Kathy Nolan in the executive suite.

For Mary Beth Maio — A gig on The Voice.

For DEP’s Adam Bosch — The Muddy Waters live collection.

For Phyllis Dauenhauer — International flights out of Stewart.

For Deb Alexsa — Full speed ahead.

For Cindy Kouhout — More boys.

For Deising’s Joan Stroble — Eggs over easy.

For Steve Haun — Sparks.

For Howie Leifer — Red roses.

For Ann Krom — Delaware Avenue brine.

For Jon Heppner — A recount for grandfather Addison Jones.

For Donna Dittus — A gig on Home Improvement.

For Dietz Diner’s Denise Region — A guest shot at Seinfeld’s Monk’s Café.

For Amy Murphy — A cameo on the Weather Channel.

For Earl (The Hat) Pardini — Country music.

For Julie O’Connor — More staff meetings in Kingston.

For Joe Deegan — Big deals. On Broadway.

For Bill Ford — Brother Ed’s longevity.

For Annie Burrns — Stitches in time.

For Isabella Hernandez — Doctor’s house calls.

For Carole Wickwire — A new Hoover. (Not J. Edgar!)

For Hector Rodriguez — More noses.

For Larry Watson — T-Way travels with Cereal-Syri.

For Bill Weishaupt — Urgent business.

For Kevin Ginty — Fox news.

For Tom Petro — Gamecock revival.

For Don Ryan — A reunion with the band.

For Gloria Waslyn — Wings beneath her feet.

For Margaret Reynolds Bryngelson (no relation) — Planter’s peanuts.

For Chris Gibson — Three more careers.

For Brian Hollander — A Nobel duet in Sweden.

For Marc Luksberg — A Dow 22,000.

For Bruce Tuchman — Ditto.

For Steve Kelley — An Ellenville renaissance.

For Jerry Keller — A ’53 Corvette, Model Ex-122.

For Barbara Myers — A four-car garage.

For Joe Marchetti — Parrot feathers in his cap.

For Jon Bowermaster — A National Geographic spread on Stone Ridge.

For Jesse Smith — Time for one more round and a six-pack to go.

For Herb Litts — A bridge over troubled waters.

For Mario Catalano — Litigious dentists.

For Bob Young — Holiday greetings from F.L. Wright.

For Terry Bernardo — A safety net.

For Len Bernardo — Dinner at Fred’s Place with Fightin’ Joe.

For UPAC’s Chris Silva — Lots more women’s rest rooms.

For Dave Donaldson — Windmills in his mind.

For Ernie Hunt — Lunch in the CMRR dining car with Chris White.

For Annie Catalano — Something warm and fuzzy from the SPCA or Straight A’s from St. Nicholas.

For SUNY Ulster’s Al Roberts — The entire Class of ’17.

For Bob DiBella — A lifetime bus pass.

For Ken Crannell — A walking tour of the Stockade.

For Mike Horodyski — Floods of IDA applicants.

For Dan Barton — A home visit from Rockefeller Automotive.

For Jim Quigley — Playing chicken with Alan Ginsberg on “the pile.”

For Don Katt — Something emeritus.

For Terry Breitenstein — Front-row seats at Creekside Lounge.

For Roger Rascoe — Christmas cards from the Trump kids.

For Frank Cardinale — Rooms with a view.

For Paul O’Neill — A window at Sissy’s Café.

For Holley Carnright — Friends on the sixth floor.

For Carl Belfiglio — A Trump designer suit.

For Ed Ford — A bouquet of April flowers.

For Deb Brown — Just one more Republican.

For Kevin Bryant — A new ’do for the family heir.

For Ed Palladino — MLB prospects.

For Phyllis McCabe — The Pointer Sisters greatest hits.

For Joan Lawrence Bauer — Country lunches.

For Cynthia Werthamer — Happy hounds.

For Joe Morgan — New stuff.

For Rev. Edmund Burke — Silent collections.

For Dean Gitter — Belleayre sunrise.

For Carlo Castiglione — A stool at Post 150.

For Kevin Costello — Coffee with the Rajah.

For Brian Cafferty — Hardhats at Williams Lake.

For Ken Hassett — Ditto.

For Vince Crantz — Travels with Brenda.

For Liz Benjamin — Compelling TV.

For Butch Dener — The next mission from God.

For Charlie Manfro — Sold-out lunches.

For Dan Heppner — Shakespeare’s greatest hits.

For Tim Keating — A billboard on Broadway.

For Bill Forte — More street poles.

For Michael Berg — Family ties.

For John Faso — Chris Gibson’s playbook.

For Geoff Miller — An episode on The History Channel.

For Fawn Tantillo — Cheese.

For Rick Esposito — A shuttle to the YMCA.

For Bob Freeman — RICO-like enforcement powers.

For George Heidcamp —Joe Sinagra’s ticket book.

For Chris Allen — A stint as chief lifeguard at Saugerties beach.

For Tony Marmo — 300 new recruits.

For Jim Carey — Room to grow.

For Vin Perry Jr. — Writer’s cramp.

For Stacey Rein — Dancing with the stars.

For Greg Helsmoortel — A worthy successor.

For Lynn Johnson — Saturday breakfasts with “the boys.”

For Barbara Cohen — Culture Club’s greatest hits.

For Joe Cohen — Red Keds.

For Frank Faluotico — Speecie Spicy meatballs.

For Brian Cahill — Brotherly love.

For Bernie Gray — Front-page coverage from William Randolph Hearse.
For Adrian Lopez-Martinez — A 10-minute break.
For Elliott Auerbach — Friends in high places.

And to all, a good night.

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