New Paltz may get a new public square by post office

The village of New Paltz is considering transforming part of the parking lot by the post office into a public square. Mayor Tim Rogers reported that an initial design concept has received favorable feedback from the property owner, and passes the perhaps more important test of being roomy enough to allow for the free passage of trucks to and from the Mobil gas station lot. A professor in Buffalo is now working on a more refined design for consideration.

It’s possible that electric car charging stations could be part of the concept, as there are DEC grants available for same. How that electricity would be paid for is unclear; it could be charged to the user or the municipality, the mayor said, or sponsors might even be found.

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  1. Valley Boy

    I’m cruious – is this ‘Square’ to be sited on the vacant parcel directly adjacent to Wells Fargo?
    That would be the logical place to make a public square…but I’m suspecting the logic isn’t there
    and that it will take up actual parking spaces closer to Mobil.

    If that’s the case I must scratch my head. Will the vacant parcel adjacent to Wells Fargo be paved
    to provide those subtracted parking spaces? We all know very well that parking downtown is already a challenge. Are we going to make it worse?

    Absolutely love the idea of a nice public square, but what is the replacement contingency for customer, resident and tourist parking?

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