Fiona Bevin becomes the first New Paltz girl to win a wrestling match


It wasn’t enough that New Paltz wrestling opened the season with a 45-28 win over Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West (ELSW), or that defending Section 9 champions Chris Massaro and Ben Cuppett both scored victories (the Huguenots third Section 9 champ from last year — Theo Chazkel— graduated), but that history was made in the form of Fiona Bevin, who became the first New Paltz girl to win a match (a first-minute pin of a Red Hook boy in exhibition), followed moments later by Tara Linneman, who scored a 4-0 decision over another Red Hook boy in exhibition. It must have been traumatic for the boys, after the matches both were said to be transferring to a small non-wrestling school in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Long-time coach Ryan Pullman has high hopes for this year’s team, especially since the Huguenots return Section 9 runnerups Guy Soumah (220 pounds) and Chris Heisel (132), plus third-place finisher Shane Gullickson (138). Add in newcomers Aidan Cuppett (freshman at 99 pounds) and Ethan Palanca (eight-grader at 106), plus the aforementioned Bevin and Linneman, and New Paltz hopes to unseat defending Section champ Red Hook (New Paltz was runnerup last season).

On the mat, Aidan Cuppett won in his debut over ELSW’s Joseph Curreri; Palanca won by forfeit; Nick (120) and Chris Massaro (126) won by forfeit; Heisel (138) won by forfeit); Gullickson (145) defeated James DeAviero; Jack Purcell (170) pinned Nick Skinner; and Ben Cuppett (182) pinned John DePaulo.


New Paltz (1-0) is at Onteora this Wednesday, December 7 at 5 p.m.; while Highland wrestling will open their season at Rondout this Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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  1. Quintin Johnson

    Dear Rich,
    In regard to your article
    I was mortified by both the ignorance of your facts and arrogance of the statements made against high school athletes.
    We join you in congratulating New Paltz’s win against ELSW however; your article is degrading toward the athletes regardless of their triumphs. Whether purposefully or obliviously you down play the win of the young ladies because of her gender and then degrade the young men who wrestled against them. As a journalist you have freedom of speech; as a community member you also have the civil duty to encourage and respect the high school athletes you report. The writing of this article is not only disrespectful, it goes beyond that to defamation the character of the young ladies and young men who wrestled against each other. Suggesting the losses “must have been traumatic to the boys” and “both were said to transfer to a non-wrestling school in Ulan, Bator Mongolia.”
    Furthermore, there are several inaccuracies in your article that require attention. The “first girl from New Paltz to win a match” is not correct, in fact our Red Hook Team has witnessed several wins from New Paltz female wrestlers over the years. While this may be your first time witnessing a female wrestling win, it was not the first time it happened.
    We are living in a very difficult time for our children and students, gender equality is at the top of the list of all educators and coaches alike. It is inappropriate and intolerable to degrade and humiliate our student athletes. With research you will find that this article is in direct violation of the dignity for all student’s act which was signed into law September 2010.
    The fact is of the matter is both Red Hook wrestlers are first year wrestlers who answered our teams call to go out and compete for their team and community; that is no easy task and we are proud of their efforts. They did the very best they could and deserve our respect. Furthermore, and most importantly these are high school athletes at the mercy of an ignorant punchline for your readers.
    Before your next report I suggest you fact check your article, have an a editor with dignity read it before publishing; and keep high school athletes who are hardworking and dedicated out of your immature jokes. Keep in mind that these are children who you are writing about. Thank you very much.

    Quintin Johnson
    Red Hook Wrestling
    Section IX Division II Champions (2005,2006,2007,2008, 2011,2012,2014,2015)

    1. Elizabeth

      Standing ovation for this response. Best of luck to you and your team in all you do. I am a high school teacher, and I know the value of good coaches; they are lucky to have you.

  2. MacKenzie

    Agreed. “It must have been traumatic for the boys, after the matches both were said to be transferring to a small non-wrestling school in Ulan Bator, Mongolia” is problematic on so many levels, mostly distasteful, and as Quintin pointed out, insulting to both genders.

  3. Title IX

    The author’s non-apology in the print edition is exasperating. Inferring that losing to a girl is extra-humiliating is sexist and demeaning, even if *you*, a grown man WHO IS WRITING ABOUT CHILDREN, think it is funny. It’s not.

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