Saugerties sculptors sought


Fay Wood, a member of the International Sculpture Society, has sparked the town’s interest in promoting Sighting Sculpture Around Saugerties, a month-long event that coincides with International Sculpture Day on April 24, 2017. Discussions recently began among local sculptors living and working in the town. In addition to myself, Michael Sullivan Smith, the sculptors already involved are the organizers, Fay Wood and Michael Ciccone, and Ze’ev Willy Neumann, Barbara and Alex Kveton, Robert George and Ruth Edwy.

The websites of our sculptors show a highly diverse range of sculptural identities. I want to believe the environment of Saugerties inspires insights, and our sculptors’ sculptures, regardless of their individual style, medium, scale or whatever else makes their work physically exist. They contain a certain value, at least locally, by conveying a feeling we all can recognize.

Saugerties provides a common foundation for creativity. Our town satisfies a sculptor’s curiosity for form and space. Harvey Fite’s Opus 40 is the purest example of this. You cannot drive, walk or paddle through the various landforms of Saugerties without experiencing similar sensations to visiting Opus 40.


All works of local sculptors add value to the place in which they were created. The local artists are all highly skilled and professionally recognized, and I would like to claim that some of this is due to Saugerties; our shared inspirational environment. We’ll only know for sure, though, by seeing whether this planned event sparks a love affair with local sculpture. If the aesthetic expression of that feeling ends with the sale of an appreciated piece, so much the better.

For me, there’s no better way to fire up this idea of a signature draw for Saugerties than putting our sculptors together on an international stage. I’ll personally be contacting our businesses, seeking solidarity for this endeavor. I’ll stress our history as a destination for those wanting to be where kindred spirits have their homes and workplaces in this inspirational landscape.

Each artist already committed to being a part of Sighting Sculptures Around Saugerties does so as an individual. We’re urging all sculptors living and working in Saugerties to join us. To be part of the planning process, please send your contact information to Fay Wood’s email There’s no commitment to any theme. We simply have in common that we work here because we are all inspired by being in Saugerties.