Egg’s Nest sold; new owners plan to reopen High Falls eatery in spring


A Facebook post last Thursday by High Falls resident Rod Bicknell has gone viral hereabouts, announcing that the Egg’s Nest restaurant will be reopening under new ownership in the spring of 2017. To the consternation of many loyal patrons, the beloved watering hole on Route 213 in downtown High Falls — known as much for its brightly colored murals, decoupaged walls and cluttered bric-a-brac décor as for its eclectic menu — has been shuttered since July, when longtime owner Richard Murphy retired.

Jim Murphy of Murphy Realty in Kingston, who handled the sale of the building, confirmed that a closing had been held in early November, and that the purchasers are Eric and Cristina Silver. Born in Toronto to American parents and growing up in Woodstock, Eric Silver is an actor who has appeared in the films American Gangster (2007), No Reservations (2007) and Happy (2005). He studied Theater Arts and Film Studies at Wesleyan University.

According to Bicknell, “The planned reopening is for next spring, retaining the restaurant’s name, Richard Murphy’s decorations and menu, with some additional menu items.” Asked to corroborate that statement, Jim Murphy said, “That’s what I know — I’m 98 percent sure. They got the name with the business.”


By the weekend, Bicknell’s announcement had been reposted many times on social media by fans of the Egg’s Nest, and received more than 150 congratulatory comments, nearly all expressing the hope that the restaurant’s quirky charm be retained under new ownership. “It really is amazing to see what a beautiful community and how dedicated the loyal friends of the Egg’s Nest are!” Eric Silver responded to the post on Saturday. “Cristina and I are truly touched by the outpouring of love and support. It warms our hearts, and we can’t wait to meet you all in due time.”

Silver promised that more detailed news would be forthcoming soon.

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  1. Long Time

    Can they clean this place top to bottom? Can they dust all of the super-dusty, cobwebby junk that’s all over the walls. The food is pretty good for a cheap local, but between snagging your sweaters on bricabrac, feathers of dust wafting down into your food, and a general musty smell – I know I stopped eating there years ago. Would nice if they stripped it back a bit on the inside, did a fresh paint job, new lighting, new tables, fix the floors…then, maybe.

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