Hudson Valley man sues Trump for $1 billion, citing “severe emotional distress”

(Photo by Gage Skidmore)

(Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Saying that Donald J. Trump was threatening “the core of the democratic way of life” and causing him “severe emotional distress,” Louis Tafuto of Warwick filed a 25-page lawsuit in New York’s Southern District Court on Monday seeking $1 billion in damages. Named in the suit are Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee.

Reports in The Daily Mail and Times Herald-Record included quotes from the 25-page suit, which accuses the defendants of targeting “under-educated voters” and convincing them their lives were “falsely under threat.”

The suits states that Trump’s “words and actions have proven him wholly untruthful and therefore unqualified and incapable of taking an oath of office or honoring an international treaty as President of the United States” and that he does not have “the temperament, knowledge, or political belief to adhere to the principles of the U.S. Constitution.”


It cites statements by Trump that he wouldn’t accept the outcome if he lost, a study that concluded he lied over 70 percent of the time, and accuses him of using false statements to “coerce” the under-educated into voting for him and committing voter intimidation on his behalf.

The suit seeks, “punitive and compensatory damages in the amount of $1,000,000,000 for severe emotional pain, and suffering and for the deliberate and willful, obstruction of Plaintiff’s constitutional rights.”

Tafuto is seeking a jury trial.

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  1. John Graber Shohola Pa

    Why didn’t he sue Obama when he lied and said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and that health insurance would lower premiums $2500.

  2. Bill Boaz AL

    Looks like he needs money:
    Louis Tafuto is a triathlete from Warwick who is training for his goal to be in the 2016 Rio Olympics. In order to do that he’s needs quite a bit of money just to get himself and his bike to all the training and trails… A lot of money that he doesn’t have to the point he is working two jobs on top of his vigorous training schedule. A fundraising campaign has been started for him and I will post the link below. Please read a little about it and donate some money to this great cause if you can. There are some great deals like if you donate $25 you can get a $25 gift card for a magazine like Runner’s World or something. Or there’s higher ones too where you can get a t shirt, for example. Thank You.

  3. John Campbell

    One of two things in play here. Either this guy gets nailed for filling a frivolous lawsuit and pays the price for it or he’s remanded as a nut case and sent off to wear a nice new white coat from the loony bin.

  4. Helona

    I think John Campbell nailed it. This is a frivolous suit & a guy just looking to make a buck! Why should anyone donate to his cause when he is pulling this kind of crap? Keep working 2 jobs … if you want to get where your going, work for it, dont take up the courts time.

  5. Rudy

    I can not stand people who do these POS “I didn’t get what I wanted” lawsuits. As far as our president-elect, about half the US was going to be unhappy. However, to sue or protest over it is absurd! This guy needs to be made to pay not only his filing fees, but also reimburse the courts for any and all time/monies (clerk hours, etc.) spent on this rediculous 25 page document. Also, NO MORE MEDIA COVERAGE! Stop feeding the little monsters!

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