Kings Highway in Saugerties gets natural gas

(Photo by Steven Depolo)

(Photo by Steven Depolo)

Six years ago, Saugerties brought water and sewer service to Kings Highway, which helped create shovel-ready building sites. Now the town government has brokered a deal that has brought natural-gas service along the industry-zoned roadway as well.

Saugerties town supervisor Greg Helsmoortel said the deal to bring natural gas out to the National Guard Armory on Kings Highway involved the county and Central Hudson.

“The armory gets its service through the Con Ed Solutions Program,” Helsmoortel explained. “[The armory] came to the county and us, and Central Hudson, which provides gas and electric service to Saugerties. And with all working together, there is now not only natural-gas service out to the armory, but a number of other businesses located between Route 212 and the armory will be able to hook into the line as well.”


The $300,000 cost of running the line out to the armory was split among Ulster County, the Economic Development Alliance (a county government-controlled hybrid agency) and Central Hudson. Each put in $100,000, Helsmoortel said. “It didn’t cost the town anything to bring this service out Kings Highway,” he added.