Letter: Saugerties board putting cart before horse on new Hudson River park

The view from what one day may be “Bristol Beach.”

The view from what one day may be “Bristol Beach.”

While the idea of another beach for swimming, kayaking, and hiking sounds great, I think we are putting the cart before the horse. According to the supervisor it will only cost the town $5000. Grant money is never an absolute. The $52,000 is a start but do we even know what engineering costs will be and what can really be done with the property.  Then there is upkeep and maintenance even if this idea comes to fruition and that is not free. Just because there is possible grant money doesn’t mean we have to use it. It ultimately comes out of our pocket, as did the $5000. I’d rather see the board focus on what we have already. Is this for us to forget about the lack of industry, insane taxes and dwindling budget contingencies. If this is so wonderful how come the Pip Commission hasn’t developed it. I will not be biting the Carrot that is in front of me.

Carol L. Cochrane

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  1. edward reisner

    If you think our taxes are “insane,” I suggest you take a look at Woodstock taxes, Rhinebeck taxes or Hudson taxes. That said, I agree that a more complete study of the project should be undertaken before any work is begun.

  2. JF

    Just because those towns taxes are insane, doesn’t mean we should be grateful for our taxes. Saugerties is high, and you won’t find many people that are happy about it!

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