Diva’s sister fends off tabloid TV cams after pleading not guilty to prostitution


Alison Carey faces a reporter and camera crew from Inside Edition while her older escort tells the press to be polite. (photo by Robert Ford)

Alison Carey, older sister of pop diva and celebrity Mariah Carey, pleaded not guilty to a charge of prostitution in Saugerties Town Court Wednesday, August 31.

It was Carey’s first appearance on the charge and she spoke little, only acknowledging that she understood the charge.


During the proceedings before Judge Daniel Lamb Jr., Carey’s attorney Thomas Melanson answered for his client saying he waived the reading of the charge and agreeing to an October 26 date for the trial to begin.

Carey was arrested during the early morning hours of August 26 at a Route 32 motel the police have refused to identify, when she offered an undercover officer sex in exchange for money.

Upon her arrest, she was arraigned in town court, bail was set at $1,000 and a few hours later she was released from the Ulster County Jail.

Jail officials have not said who posted her bail.

At her Wednesday evening court appearance, which caused a stir among the usual host of petty law violators at town court, Carey was confronted by a reporter and camera crew from Inside Edition, the only national show to attend the hearing.

The reporter from the television show peppered Carey with a number of questions including asking if her sister, Mariah had reached out to her, or if she was embarrassed by the charges.

Carey did not answer the questions as she was escorted in and out of the hearing by Melanson and an elderly English gentleman who declined to identify himself.