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wys-SQIn our special section, Healthy Communities, that accompanied this newspaper, and our sister papers, New Paltz Times, Kingston Times, and Saugerties Times, an article entitled Yogastock contained an omission for which we are quite embarrassed. We did not include one of the premier sites for Yoga practice in our town, Woodstock Yoga Center at 6 Deming Street.

Fortunately, friends, supporters and students of Woodstock Yoga Center took the time to stand up for the center and eloquently point out our mistake, while listing many fine qualities of the Center. We are grateful for your responses and we hope that the virtues of Woodstock Yoga Center are herewith conveyed in a loving fashion to a wide audience..

What follows are your letters.

Thank you.
Brian Hollander



Just dropping a line to say that I was so surprised that Woodstock Yoga Center at 6 Deming Street was not mentioned in the article by Kimberly Truitt in the August 11th issue of Woodstock Times…


I can only hope this was a mistake?

Barbara Boris, the owner of Woodstock Yoga has a built a beautiful center with a large student base, and extremely well qualified teachers, and offers specialized workshops and music events. Barbara has been teaching yoga in Woodstock for years and is well-loved by many in the community.

I hope that at some point in the very near future there is some attention given to this unfortunate omission.


Nan Tepper

A loyal student


I teach yoga at the Emerson and I practice at the three major studios in Woodstock.  You left out Woodstock yoga center in your article. A serious omission.

I am floored by the blatant omission of Woodstock Yoga Studio in the recent Healthy Hudson Valley article  https://issuu.com/ulsterpublishing/docs/healthy_communities_2016.composite_/11?e=2214018/37796607 “Yogastock, NY”. Woodstock Yoga is, by far, the best yoga studio in the area and offers more classes, workshops, and expertise than any of the others. I know, I’ve been to them all. The Iyengar instructors at Woodstock Yoga undergo more training and education than any other school of yoga and that knowledge is brought to every single class, to every single student, to ensure a safe and effective practice for everyone. Woodstock Yoga has been a pillar in the community for many years and this omission is a slap in the face to this fantastic studio.

Such an egregious omission makes me question the validity and reliability of this publication and/or the intent of the author and publisher. Healthy Hudson Valley and its publishers owe Woodstock Yoga a huge apology and probably a big spread in the next issue. Major faux pa here Mr. Hollander. I implore you to make it right.

Annie Reed
Our yoga school, Woodstock Yoga Center, at 6 Deming Street in Woodstock, NY, is an extraordinary school of yoga and meditation. It is also a deeply important cultural center in the community of Woodstock, providing regular concerts and performances, programs for young people and in depth workshops. The curriculum is alive and evolving. Our school is extremely important to us.
We are, therefore, extremely alarmed by, and unhappy about, a stark and greatly misbegotten omission in a recent (August 11, 2016) special section, in all of your papers (Woodstock Times, Kingston Times, etc.), titled, “Healthy Hudson Valley” by Kimberly Truitt.
This special section included a two page spread about yoga in Woodstock, titled “Yogastock, NY” and it went into depth about the burgeoning yoga scene in Woodstock, citing a few fine schools but completely omitting The Woodstock Yoga Center.
Woodstock Yoga Center offers a broad spectrum of classes for all levels of yoga practitioners, taught by many wonderful, highly skilled teachers of many different backgrounds and experiences. And Woodstock Yoga Center is run by its founder, our beloved teacher, the incomparable Barbara Boris.
Why is Woodstock Yoga Center not included in this prominent, mid-summer article? It is a shocking mistake that completely boggles the mind.
We count on you to be certain that some kind of correction is made quickly and that our school shall receive the public recognition it deserves.
Thank you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.
Anne Hemenway and John Wilson


I read the article on yoga by Kimberly Truitt with particular interest because yoga has assumed a very important role in my life. I study Iyengar Yoga at Woodstock Yoga on Deming Street, where there are a variety of classes offered, daily. Yet, there was no mention of the studio, its head Barbara Boris, and the variety of classes and workshops offered. Not only that, Truitt mentioned the imbalance between body and mind that many practitioners experience — either too much or too little om. In fact, one of the unique features of Iyengar yoga is the balance it provides, not only focusing on the body, but exploring how the mind and the body need to be integrated — a goal of this discipline.

I hope that something is done about this serious and hurtful oversight.

Nancy Jainchill




I read your overview of the yoga scene in Woodstock.

I’m very curious as to why you omitted any mention of Woodstock Yoga Center?

Aside from the fact that it’s the only center that offers Iyengar yoga, this center has probably the most esteemed faculty of all of them, not to mention the array of cultural and educational events that continuously appear on their events calendar.

I’m just curious, but tell me, was this a political action on your part? It’s a rather blatant mistake to be taken otherwise.

A Woodstock yoga enthusiast



Just a note, from a long time local, to let you know how sad it was to read your article about Yoga in Woodstock and not to mention Woodstock Yoga, on Deming St. in the very center of the town.

I frequent this yoga studio and  am personally upset about the oversight.  I have even noticed that Woodstock Yoga advertises in your paper.

Please reconsider and print something noteworthy about this oasis of light and love in our town.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

SrutiRam Palmer



I just read the article “Yogastock NY” by Kimberly Truitt, published on August 11th in Healthy Hudson Valley. I feel compelled to write to you since there was strangely (and disappointingly) was no mention of Woodstock Yoga Center in the article. What an oversight!

Barbara Boris, my yoga teacher for the last decade, has nurtured and cultivated a thriving yoga community over many years in Woodstock. A trained and certified Iyengar teacher who worked directly with Mr. Iyengar in India over many years, Barbara teaches and mentors scores of Yogis in the area as well as many from New York City who religiously attend her workshops. Her classes are packed to the gills every weekend. The Center is dead in the middle of Woodstock (unlike Shakti Yoga) and features a full roster of classes and teachers. It also regularly hosts classical indian musicians of the highest caliber who give amazing intimate concerts there. Woodstock Yoga is a mainstay of my life in Woodstock and that of many others. I googled it just now out of curiosity and Woodstock yoga is the second listing that comes up. So much for research! Enough said.

Anne Johnson



As the author Kimberly Truitt says in the first lines of her article, Yogastock, NY: “You can’t swing a cat without hitting a yogi around here.” Funny line. Then she goes on to say there are two studios, Shakti and Euphoria, with almost round-the-clock classes of varying skill levels, taught by experienced teachers from diverse backgrounds. Well, she didn’t check out the cats over at 6 Deming Street who practice at the Woodstock Yoga Center run by Barbara Boris, a certified Iyengar teacher. The location of the old pin ball palace was transformed into a yoga studio around 15 years ago so it’s quite amazing that it was overlooked and not included in the article!

Barbara has dedicated her life to yoga and her students. She also brings a wide variety of experienced teachers from diverse backgrounds who share her commitment and concern for the students. Barbara has contributed greatly to this community for many years and deserves to be publicly acknowledged. Go check out the Woodstock Yoga Center at 6 Deming St.

Linda Fisher


How could you? How could you neglect to mention Woodstock Yoga on Deming Street in the recent article, Yogastock NY? Woodstock Yoga, owned by Barbara Boris, with its special focus on Iyengar Yoga, is a vital member of the yoga community in Woodstock and beyond. For more than 25 years I’ve done all forms of ‘hatha’ yoga. There’s no doubt that B.S.K Iyengar’s method offers something unique.  Barbara is an amazing teacher and contributor to the Woodstock Community in many ways besides her studio. Not to include Woodstock Yoga was an egregious oversight!

Dr. Ronne Marantz (former principal of Woodstock Elementary School)



As someone who has practiced yoga in Woodstock for over 20 years, I was amazed and shocked when I read the article in the Healthy Hudson Valley section of Woodstock Times about Yoga in Woodstock, to see that the Woodstock Yoga Center was completely left out. How can that be?

Barbara Boris, the founder of the Woodstock Yoga Center has dedicated herself to building the thriving practice that has served our community. My health and spirit have been invaluably supported and enriched by my study with Barbara and her wonderful staff. The omission of the Woodstock Yoga Center from the article is a real disservice to someone who has dedicated herself to teaching and helping so many.


Please give the Woodstock Yoga Center the acknowledgement it deserves as a major contributor to the practice of yoga in our community.

Nancy Kantor




Your special insert of the Times, August 11th, reported on “Yogastock” and the burgeoning practice of yoga in Woodstock but failed to mention the Woodstock Yoga Center, under the directorship of Barbara Boris.
The omission is an important one for me since the Woodstock Yoga Center has been the source for my practice of Yoga and makes a key contribution to my maintaining a healthy body. Several years ago I finally listened to my friend from New Zealand who is an annual visitor to Woodstock and joined Barbara Boris’ beginners’ class. I was immediately struck by her knowledge and teaching style (demonstrating on her own body) as well as her acceptance of a wide range of abilities, yet encouragement to stretch oneself(!) and try one’s hardest to follow her guidance.
She also had the uncanny ability to note what everyone (even in a crowded class) was doing and give some gentle correction. I have continued in her class and feel strengthened by it. Barbara’s policy of giving students over 80 years half price is another subtle form of acceptance and encouragement.
I have also attended some wonderful concerts of classical Indian music at the Woodstock Yoga Center. I am devoted to the Center and Barbara as a teacher. For me, it is yet another treasure of the Woodstock community.
Doris Goldberg



As a full time Woodstock resident for the last 20+ years, and a a dedicated Yoga practitioner for even longer, I was very upset and disappointed to see that Woodstock Yoga Center, situated on Deming St. in the heart of town, wasn’t even mentioned in the article Yogastock that ran in the Aug 11th supplement Healthy Communities.
What seemed a generally well written article starts by stating there are only two dedicated Yoga studios in town. This is blatantly untrue as the author Kimberley Truitt herself a Euphoria Yoga teacher, must know all too well.
Woodstock Yoga Center holds many classes every week, (some with over 25 students) as well as community classes, Yoga workshops, meditation evenings, Indian Music Concerts and weekly kirtan (devotional singing). It is owned and run by Barbara Boris a very well respected and experienced Yoga teacher and longtime resident who is also Woodstock’s only certified Iyengar teacher.
How ironic then to omit them, given that every week they also run paid ads in Woodstock Times and listings in Almanac.

Martin Brading



It recently came to my attention that in the special edition titled Healthy Hudson Valley there was a two page spread on yoga studios in Woodstock that neglected to mention The Woodstock Yoga Studio and Barbara Boris.

As a woman who has practiced yoga in Woodstock and New Paltz since 1991 I was very surprised. Today as a 56 year old woman the Woodstock Yoga Studio is the only place that I practice regularly. That is because Barbara particularly, and the teachers who teach at the studio, understand how to work with overly flexible bodies with caution and care. When I practice elsewhere I routinely hurt myself. With Barbara, I am able to strengthen, stretch, and deepen my spiritual practice, knowing that my teacher deeply understands how to work with my particular body. I would encourage you to somehow fix the omission in your recent article.


Joanna Katz

New Paltz


As a 3x a week student at Woodstock Yoga on Deming Street, I was dismayed to see that this premier yoga studio was omitted from your August 11 special edition on Healthy Hudson Valley, “Yogastock.”
Barbara Boris, studio director and teacher, has created a widely diverse instructional program there so that whether you are a beginning or advanced yoga student, Woodstock Yoga provides a comprehensive choice of classes and specialty workshops that meet everyone’s needs. The studio is open 7 days a week and classes are extremely well attended. All the instructors are highly trained, knowledgeable, and engaging teachers who are making a huge difference in my life and the lives of the many other students who regularly attend classes at Woodstock Yoga Studio.
They deserve to be recognized.
Donna Elberg



Yogastock Revisited

Speaking of the “proverbial rock,” how did Truitt omit Woodstock Yoga, our town’s preeminent studio?


Myra Silander, Linda Leeds




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