Letters (July 28-August 4)

mail-letter-sqHappy about Lynch’s

So happy to see the old — and very historic — Lynch’s Marina in Saugerties brought back to life. Thank you Mr. Struzzieri.

Jo Galante Cicale


‘Friends’ like these…

What are people for these days? When I lived in Ulster County in the 1980’s we had IBM, Ferroxcube, and National Micronetics employing thousands of people in good paying jobs. Those companies are gone from the area. We need to replace those jobs so our local high school and college graduates won’t be forced to move in order to gain employment.

Just look around at all the for sale signs on property around here. But, instead of trying to promote growth and jobs here, every time I see something proposed a “Friends of XXX” group is formed to put roadblocks in the way.


For example, the owner of the eyesore known as Clovelea (aka the Dragon Inn) wanted to tear it down and put in condos. Nope, the “friends” cried out “historic preservation” and the Inn still sits as an eyesore years later. Diamond Mills and Lynch’s Marina turned empty lots and abandoned buildings into ongoing businesses, over the “friends” objections. In nearby Kingston a bottling plant and shooting range were stopped by “friends”.

With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?

Gregory Kleen


Cats and dogs: double standard

Saugerties resident Nancy Campbell is absolutely right: There should be leash laws for cats, just as there are for dogs. Such laws are not unheard of (PETA’s hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, has such a law), and they are the key to tackling the homeless cat crisis and to preventing cruelty.

People have a bizarre double standard when it comes to cats and dogs: Someone who would never dream of letting a dog roam the neighborhood thinks nothing of allowing a cat to do so. But outside cats face daily dangers, including speeding cars, extreme temperatures, parasites, deadly infectious diseases, and attacks by other animals and humans. Just a few recent examples of the latter include over half a dozen cats in New York City who were suspected of being poisoned, cats in Nassau County and Gloversville who were shot, and a cat in Niagara Falls who was caught in a steeljaw trap.

Cats need protection laws that level the playing field and require that they be treated with the same responsibility and care as dogs. Like dogs, cats should be licensed, kept indoors or allowed outside only under supervision, and most importantly, they must be spayed and neutered.

Teresa Chagrin,
Animal Care & Control Specialist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)Norfolk, VA