Letters (July 14-21)

mail-letter-sqSome clarity

As a resident of Saugerties and a board member of the Ulster County SPCA, I would like to clarify something in last week’s paper regarding the feral cat situation in the village.  The article states trapped feral cats will be transported to the ASPCA. Unfortunately many people believe the Ulster County SPCA and the ASPCA are affiliated. We are an independent Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals located in Kingston, and serving only Ulster County. The A in the ASPCA stands for American with headquarters in New York City. The UCSPCA does not receive any funding from the ASPCA. We do not receive any money from donations sent in monthly for the ASPCA. We are a non-profit organization that relies on donations send directly to us in Kingston. We are the only animal shelter in Ulster County that has a Humane Law division overseeing the laws surrounding animal welfare with the power to remove animals from unfit situations and press charges against the owners/abusers. We also have an animal clinic at our facility that is open to the public for low cost spay/neuter services.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to clarify the difference between the Ulster County SPCA and the ASPCA. Although our missions may be similar, we are independent of each other

Jill Schintone


Move that tower

The Saugerties Town Zoning Board will hold a public hearing on Monday, Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Center to review Verizon Cellco’s request to build a cell tower at 679 Schoolhouse Road directly across from two old stone houses (originally the Jason Conyes house and DeWitt-Vlykill house,) and just down the road from one of New York’s few remaining old Dutch barns.


The southern part of Saugerties, home of Schoolhouse Road, is clustered with reminders of our early local history.  Its creeks (Vlykill, Plattekill) provided water and its flat, fertile fields made ideal places for Native Americans and early Dutch settlers to locate. Even today, plowing the fields unearths Native American tools and projectiles. Old stone houses, clay pipes, blue and gray pottery shards, and the remains of gristmills dot the area.

Walking, biking or riding Schoolhouse Road brings one to a simpler time. Its streams, woods, fields, deer, beaver and other wildlife help melt away today’s stress.

The tower with its red blinking light silhouetted against the sky would dominate one of Saugerties’ most historically intact areas.

In addition, residents of Serenity Drive who built their dream home there would have the tower right off their deck, blocking beautiful views of the Catskills

This cell tower proposal violates Saugerties town zoning laws (use, area, code), FCC regulations and state guidelines concerning historic properties.

We urge that another location be found for this cell tower and we are writing to ask for community support. If you are in agreement, please mark your calendar for the above date and time and come out to voice your opinion. If you are unable to attend, please write the Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Hall, 4 High Street, Saugerties, NY 12477.

Ken and Mary Alice Lindquist


Thanks, Chris Allen

I want to thank my county legislator, Chris Allen, for resolving a dangerous situation that jeopardized the safety of myself and my family at our residence in Barclay Heights. In early June, two large trees fell down in my backyard which caused property damage to my house and fence. In addition, there were four other trees (two of which were dead) that were hanging over my property line. These trees were hanging over my roof and perched in a position where they could have fallen on my house potentiality harming or killing myself and my family. After the two other trees fell down, I contacted Legislator Allen, and he came over to survey the damage. All of the six trees are located on property that is currently owned by Ulster County. Legislator Allen was able to have county employees come over to survey the situation and property damage. Within 10 days a sub-contracted tree removal company came over and took down the dangerous trees and removed debris. I appreciate all the help Legislator Allen provided during this time as I am a senior and was very stressed with this situation.

Patricia McCoy