Sawyer Motors car show tomorrow in Saugerties

A teal ‘57 Chevy sits proudly on Main Street, Saugerties, at last year’s show. (photo by Robert Ford)

A teal ‘57 Chevy sits proudly on Main Street, Saugerties, at last year’s show. (photo by Robert Ford)

The event began 13 years ago. Over that short time span, the Sawyer Motors Car Show has morphed from The Best Little Car Show in the Northeast to one of the best if not the best of the car shows on the East Coast. It has grown from about 100 cars lined up along Main and Partition streets to a show that will boast more than 500 cars this year. On the Tuesday of the week before the July 10 show, organizer Bob Siracusano said they pre-registration would have to be shut down because so many car owners were looking to take part that there was no more room.

“My staff who are taking the pre-registrations are yelling at me, telling me there is no more room for all the cars that want to come to Saugerties,” Siracusano said.


Because of the large influx of pre-registrations the car lineup on Main Street, which usually extends to the Orpheum movie theatre, will now stretch to the Village Dinner and possibly even to Cahill Elementary School.

“It’s unbelievable how many people want to come here this year,” Siracusano added.

This year’s event will feature six acts including a do-wop group that will be going from restaurant to restaurant performing for the patrons.

Highlight of the annual show nay be the local Corvette Club, which packs a parking lot on Partition Street with new and classic ‘Vettes. Local clubs and individuals bring an amazing variety of hot rods, speedsters, chopped, channeled and moon-wheeled vehicles that have been lovingly restored.

Past crowds have hit the 10,000 mark. This year’s attendance for the show, which is always free, may exceed that number. The show will begin about 1 p.m. this Sunday, but be sure to come about an hour early to see the parade of cars coming into the village.