Government conspiracy…or just jet contrails?

(Photo by Fernando Kokubun)

(Photo by Fernando Kokubun)

In one of the newspapers in which Almanac Weekly appears, the same letter-writers offer repeated excursions into sinister conspiracy and pseudoscience. The theme is always the same: An evil “they” are deliberately harming us.

These diatribes range from how a renegade “cabal” of the US military murdered us on 9/11 to Wi-Fi making schoolchildren sick to how the supposed hazards of cell phones are well known to governments, corporations and even health organizations like the Mayo Clinic, but they’re all “in on” the plot.

Recently the delusions have shifted to “chemtrails.” According to this particular conspiracy, the government continually sprays us with chemicals that we can actually see as spreading white substances behind jets. I cringe not just because this shows an amazing ignorance of basic science, but also because such notions could make people unduly cynical about our country – and there really are many good, idealistic people in office, from the president on down. So here’s the true story.


A jet doesn’t leave a white trail when it takes off, nor when it’s flying low. But when it climbs high into very cold air, the story changes.

Jets burn kerosene. If you’ve ever used a kerosene heater or lamp, you’ve smelled the exhaust products. These include water vapor, bits of carbon soot, some carbon compounds like methane and trace amounts of impurities like metals. Well, when jets climb above 30,000 feet, the air is so cold at -40 degrees that the exhaust’s water vapor instantly freezes into ice crystals. This is a contrail, a short white line behind the engines. It often dissipates in seconds, as each crystal sublimates back to invisible vapor.

Jets often zoom through such cold air, and it can take a long time for the contrail ice to vaporize. Higher humidity preserves it, too. The contrail then lingers as a long white line across the entire sky. Winds typically distort these into various curves. If the airmass is very humid, the exhaust’s soot particles enter the picture to act as condensation nuclei – like cloud seeding – to produce a thicker contrail as surrounding atmospheric vapor freezes as well. The ice crystal formation spreads out. Rarely, in very high humidity, the contrail can act as the “starter yogurt” for a cloud covering the sky.

People into meteorology and aeronautics have observed and photographed all these various contrail varieties since the 1930s. Contrail science is even taught in college courses. Experts can assess the temperature, humidity and winds at various altitudes simply by observing them.

These artificial pencil clouds reflect sunlight into space. A few years ago scientists were concerned that jet traffic would therefore have a cooling effect on the planet. But global warming has made that issue go away.

The folks who regard contrails suspiciously obviously don’t know what they are. Several websites call the lines chemtrails and claim that the US military is deliberately spraying a substance upon the population – an idea that meteorologists generally find hilarious.

I’ll explain why it’s so silly. First, if you’ve ever watched crop-dusting, or seen the unfortunate videos of Agent Orange being sprayed during the Vietnam War, you know that chemicals must always be released very close to the ground – preferably treetop-level. If released high up, they’d dissipate and take forever to get down, with an ultimate soil concentration of essentially zero.

Second, my commercial pilot friends (along with the controllers at the Federal Aviation Administration) would all have to go along with the plot, since they’d see the process happening. I’m a pilot and airplane-owner myself; it’s not happening.

Third, what would be the purpose? Some say mind control. But are people acting differently lately? Others say that it’s to sow disease, and some even claim to be the only people to know what causes autism: It’s chemtrails! But why would anyone want to do this?

Some say that “chemtrails” are a government project to combat global warming. Nice, but then why should such a laudable and expensive effort be kept hush-hush? And how on Earth would thousands of blabbermouth pilots keep such a secret? Other Web-based “explanations” involve similarly wacky stuff like “electromagnetic rays.”

Finally, I’ve observed these same spreading-out contrails from more than 40 countries during five years overseas, including from Russia and the Falkland Islands. If it’s a secret government thing, everyone else is doing it too – and long before global warming was even known to exist.

Logic never placates the paranoid. They claim that soil tests show dangerous substances in the soil everywhere, and their websites offer chemtrail videos. But even amateur weather-watchers readily recognize these as contrail phenomena observed since before the Second World War: no mystery, and nothing sinister at all.

Those spreading this scare nonsense act as if they’re Paul Reveres sounding the alarm. Their motives are probably noble. But anyone who has concerns should just phone their alma mater and get a callback from an academic meteorologist. Talk to a college department head. Or contact a radio station’s weatherperson. Ask an expert whether any airplane exhausts have ever looked remotely suspicious.

We’ve got enough challenges without getting distracted by make-believe.



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  1. Jeff fisher

    Pure propaganda. From they way he uses insults like delusional to the fact he never mentions the scientific articles on geoengineering there are literally hundreds. In these articles its proven that they can and there is a renewed interest in climate modification using airplanes to disprears aerosols into the sky to mimic a volcano . the papers make it clear there would be ethical issues with these program’s like changing precipitation pattens there for the about when you see a suspected chemtrail and you call the air traffic control to see what plane is causing these things they tell you they have no record of the plane the fact he leaves out all of this shows he isnt investigating anything..

  2. john

    You’ve asked some searching questions… GOOD! keep asking them its only a matter of time before your brain catches up with reason and logic and fact. Simple fact is everyone’s afraid of the conspiracy label and its pathetic. You all need to grow a pair and quick!

  3. Pat Dubois

    I think you’re missing one major point. They are also seeding the clouds that go hand in hand with the H.A.A.R.P. program called weather modification (a crime against nature)…………

    Facts stated here………

    More facts stated here………

  4. Shawn

    Irony, last year Berman said the the Government lied about the The Gulf Of Tonkin which was pretext to US war in Vietnam,,,,
    Berman said his friends at NIST wouldn’t lie about WTC7 falling from a small office fire into its own footprint at the speed of gravity-14,000 30″ columns collapse simultaneously to allow this to occur.
    Berman now says his friends at the FAA wouldn’t cover up aerosaling of the skies to create persistent contrails…. Despite weather manipulation on behalf of global warming alarmists, military endeavors, and agricultural science.
    Geoengineer David Keith at conference in San Diego said (when asked) that the side effects from nano aluminum suspended in the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s heat was not not presented or researched because if they did, the program would end tomorrow…

  5. lynn

    so…very good story. Thanks for checking into it…but of course the mind control has got me hooked! I find it very suspicious that on a beautiful clear blue day I can see a PERFECT checkerboard pattern crisscrossing the sky…I remember little white jets left behind planes since I was a kid…but a complete sky covering on potentially hot days is nothing I have ever seen before!!!! It is not a normal situation and I feel it is for climate control…not autism or mind control…but all the same someone may be tryig to FIX something and I hope it isn’t gonna kill us all in the meantime..

    Just for the heck of it…I didn’t see any today…clouds were up there…no need for them…just wait for that clear blue day…tell me it looks normal…

  6. Susanne

    No opinion is wrong and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Take the time to research and form your own opinion. Be aware that the media controls the information broadcast to the public. The truth may be uncomfortable and scary. Ignorance is bliss.

  7. pat mchenry

    I grew up in the 1950’s interested in airplanes and astronomy. The sky was not crisscrossed with contrails during those years. Contrails I used to see were short, thin and white. Marking the sky such as we see by unusual flight paths and contrails of different characteristics calls for an honest explanation from government.

  8. Jaymes Nohns

    Planes only show “contrails” while flying at high altitude? There are videos showing planes landing with chemtrails on….right until the wheels touch the runway…..I would give you the links, but the writer needs to practice his research skills….

  9. Steven L Fornal

    Before you close the door on chemtrails “conspiracy” as being the work of lunatics, Mr. Berman, perhaps you should read this VERY informative record of HEARING BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ONE HUNDRED ELEVENTH CONGRESS FIRST SESSION AND SECOND SESSION on Geoengineering. It clearly does indicate that various weather control schemes have been used which injects various elements into the atmosphere.

    Contrails do not maintain themselves over time like chemtrails which often carry rainbow effects with them.

    Please read and digest

  10. Steve Graham

    I find that most people are totally unaware and uninterested in the fact that the sky’s artificial, white-out, sun-blocking, unnatural weather “cloud” cover, is caused by continuous airline trails.
    Why is it that with this phenomena so real, so in your face, just right above your head, why is this weather changing artificial cloud cover never mentioned by TV weather meteorologists? Why is it that an innocent non-conspiratorial but totally weather changing, sun blocking cloud (30% darker) never ever mentioned, never ever spoken about, by the experts who announce and predict the weather in the news?

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