Saugerties identifies Woodstock ’94 site as potential water source

winston HZTSaugerties village officials are finalizing a contract with Leggette, Brashears, Graham Inc., a Connecticut-based engineering firm, to verify that Winston Farm off Route 32 and the former site of Woodstock ’94 and the more recent Hudson Project, would be a good site as a second source of potable water for the village.

The village’s only source of water is the Blue Mountain Reservoir, a spring and Plattekill Creek-fed water body.

A number of years ago, the village water department identified Winston Farm as a potential site for a second source of water because of the aquifer beneath the land.


Mike Hopf, village water department superintendent, said the engineering firm responded to a Request for Quotes from engineering firms to dig a test well on the Winston Farm to determine how much water is under the ground and the number of gallons per minute the source will produce, as well as the quality of the water.

Hopf said village trustees would then have to acquire about an acre of the farm, Hopf said, where a wellhead and a tank to add chlorine would be installed. The water source would then be connected to the village’s water distribution system, which provides potable water for more than 1300 customers.

“A second source of water is extremely important,” Hopf said, “to prepare ourselves in case there is a problem with our primary source. It’s also nice to have backup water.”

A contract with the engineering firm should be ready by the trustees’ June meeting.

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  1. John fellows

    There are two old abandon water sources on the property from days gone by !
    So it’s always has been in the cards there !

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