Moriello Pool opening delayed in New Paltz

swimming-SQMoriello Pool in New Paltz will not be open for Memorial Day weekend on May 28-30 due to ongoing repairs being done on the pool. According to pool director Bill Russell, as soon as work is complete, the pool is scheduled to open to the public weekends through June 19 and on a daily basis beginning Friday, June 24.

Chris Marx, wearing his buildings-and-grounds-supervisor hat, told town and village board members last week that while extensive work was done on the pump to ensure it’s working efficiently and quietly, the success of that effort can’t be tested until the liner is looked at by an expert. It’s definitely leaking, Marx said, but he wasn’t sure if it could be repaired or would have to be replaced. There are alternatives to pool liners such as special watertight paints, but Marx said that each system has its own costs and limitations.

Under an agreement between the two governments, maintenance is paid for from town coffers, but capital expenditures require both boards to open their figurative checkbooks. Until a pool professional takes a closer look, it won’t be clear who will have to pay for the repairs, or when the pool will open.



Hours of operation and fee schedule

Public swimming hours will be noon to 7:30 p.m. through August 27 and noon to 7 p.m. from August 28 through September 5.

Pool staff will be at the pool during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend from noon to 3 p.m. to answer questions or to provide seasonal memberships.

Membership rates for the season are:

  • Residents of the Town of New Paltz (proof of residency is required) — Family, $175 (family of five — each additional immediate family member is $25 more); single, $70; senior, $50.
  • Non New Paltz resident rates — Family, $300 (family of five — each additional immediate family member is $25 more); single, $120.
  • Daily admission rates — Residents, 12 and under, $4; over 12, $6; after 5 p.m., $4. Non New Paltz residents, 12 and under, $7; over 12, $10; after 5 p.m., $7.

Swim lessons will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Information, including registration dates, times and a complete schedule, will be available at Moriello Pool by June 4.

Aquoga — combining water aerobics and yoga — will be offered Monday and Friday mornings. Classes are currently scheduled to begin on Friday, June 24.