Want to get married in the Hudson Valley?

The Black Brunswicker by John Everett Millais, 1860.

The Black Brunswicker by John Everett Millais, 1860.

What makes a romantic setting for a wedding? The Catskills are replete with splendor that will evoke a sense of awe and ensure that the ritual will be memorable. Many of the big resorts offer wedding packages that guests will find convenient, since they have the option of staying right onsite, perhaps at a discount; plus, the food will all be taken care of. You might seek a hotel on a mountainside with a spectacular view, perhaps atop a sweeping lawn. Or you could wed on the bank of a creek, soothed by the rippling sound of the current, or at the edge of a tranquil lake. Perhaps you’d prefer to tie the knot under a canopy of tall trees, breathing in the fragrance of pine.

Similar landscape options might be available for less expense if you know someone who owns property in the area and is willing to open their home to you. Local caterers can be hired to handle the food. You’ll have to come up with strategies for seating and parking, but there’s a pleasant intimacy to marrying at the house of a friend.

Almost every town has at least one old, picturesque church, where the echo of past weddings will inspire your own experience.


If all the details and options are too overwhelming, ask for guidance from a local wedding planner, who will know the advantages and drawbacks of each venue and can help carry out your wishes, after a period of getting to know your tastes and personalities. The price is often worth the reduction in stress.

The simplest wedding we’ve heard of was the couple who decided to marry on top of a mountain. They found a hiking minister online, invited two witnesses, and headed up the trail one brilliant fall morning with their dog. The ceremony was performed with only birdsong for music, the mountains and valleys spread at their feet. Not elaborate, but how much more romantic can you get?