Donald Trump announces Hudson Valley campaign leadership

trumpThis week, Donald J. Trump announced his New York State campaign organization, including Republican Party leaders in all 27 Congressional District across the state. The committee is comprised of GOP elected leaders, 33 Republican county chairmen and other key party officials.

According to a press release, the Hudson Valley members include Roger Rascoe, Ulster County Republican chair, Adrian “Butch” Anderson, Dutchess County sheriff, and Mike McCormack, Dutchess County Republican chair.

Rascoe stated, “After eight terrible years of failed leadership, Donald Trump is the leader we need in the White House to Make America Great Again (sic). I am confident he can do what it takes to create the jobs our area so desperately needs, restore respect for our nation overseas and bring back the land of opportunity our children and grandchildren deserve.”


Anderson stated, “I’ve known Donald Trump for a decade; I know his handshake is a solemn pledge. Here in Dutchess County, he has done great things, always keeping his word and delivering even more than he promises. What he has done for Dutchess, I know he can do for America – so I proudly stand with him as he works to Make America Great Again. (sic)

McCormack stated, “As Republican leaders in New York State, we have a responsibility to listen to the people who are struggling to make ends meet because of the establishment politicians entrenched in Washington.  We must hear the people and embrace the only clear choice for president because it’s time to fix Washington for the good of all America. I’ve listened, I’ve heard the people and I agree 100 percent: Donald Trump will make this country great again.”

Trump stated, “New York is my home and I am so proud to have been able to assemble such an incredible team. I have watched and known these people for so many years. They love New York and our country. Together we will Make America Great Again. (sic)

The front runner remains the favorite in New York State, according to recent polls.