Letters (February 18-25)

mail-letter-sqPipeline Process

On Tuesday March 1 at the Saugerties Senior Citizens Center, at 7 p.m. we will be holding an important public meeting to let people know what is the current status of the proposed Pilgrim Pipelines and what we as residents and concerned neighbors can do.
As many people now know the proposed Pilgrim Pipelines would be two pipelines 176 miles long which would carry toxic, volatile crude oil which has been fracked in North Dakota, from Albany, mostly along the NY State Thruway Authority ROW to refineries in New Jersey and then carry refined products from New Jersey back up to Albany.  Many communities have spoken out against the pipelines, expressing great concerns about the risks to the environment, to public health and especially to the clean water we cherish.
It is easy to feel powerless in the face of big corporations, the web of  regulatory  agencies and the myth that we just always need more and more fossil fuels.
What we can do: The Pilgrim Pipelines project will be subject to hopefully an extensive environmental review. The first step will be the development of a draft of the “scope” of the environmental review — to make sure that all concerns are explored and addressed.  The public and the “involved agencies” such as the governing bodies of the towns and cities, as well as any local groups (first responders, Chambers of Commerce, School boards etc)  have an opportunity to make comments and highlight areas of concern that need to be addressed. These can be specific to the town or general. Some examples might be the impact on the many temporary and permanent access roads, the risks to the water bodies, wetlands which the pipelines would pass. The risks of leaks and ruptures.
As soon as the “lead agency” is determined there will be at least 30 days for the public to submit comments on the scope.
Come to the Senior Center on Tuesday March 1 and learn about the process, how you can make sure your concerns will be addressed. Bring your neighbors and your friends.
Please join us.

Sue Rosenberg,
Coalition Against Pilgrim Pipeline


Duhmockery Or Democracy?

Looks like it’s either The Donald or Hillary or Bernie. It also looks like Hillary is not the candidate to come up against the Donald. So, since he is well on his way to eliminating his competitors, it seems we have to look to Bernie and start now.

Hillary versus Bernie is a much closer race than the one that is going on at the republican side. Just think about this: What if Hillary wins the primaries, and loses the election — where will our country be?


Furthermore, the Donald seems to stop at nothing, or at least that’s what I read in the papers. Here are some of his lies: He said that Obama wanted to accept 200K Syrian refugees, when he asked for only 10K. Trump said he got to know Putin “very well,” when on CBS 60 Minutes. In fact, they were interviewed in different countries, so all he heard was what we heard.

He says his campaign is 100% self funded. However the Huffington Post explains how contributions are coming to him, but not to his name.

He said he was responsible for moving Ford back from Mexico to Ohio. Ford said that was a lie. (HP)

Trump claimed that most whites are killed by blacks, but the truth is 82% of whites were killed by whites (Washington Post).

Immigrants: He married two of them. His present wife Melania is from Slovenia. She became a citizen two years after marrying him in 2005. His first wife from Czechoslovakia married him in l977 and became a citizen 11 years later. So, what does he have against immigrants?

Let’s look at his failures: In 1990 the banks bailed him out with a $65 million loan. Nine months later he was almost $4 billion in debt. His Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City went bankrupt, but he didn’t. In 2004 Trump Hotels Casino Resorts also filed for bankruptcy, but he just gave up $72 million to keep the rest of his business afloat.

In the business world, that’s okay to some extent. But that’s not okay in the White House. A president has to care more about the greater good than his own good. A president should not seek to further his own interests; instead he should be fully devoted to making America better for our people and our children.

This is reality not reality TV. This is an election we can’t afford to loose.

Jill Paperno


Help Autistic Mother Buy Her House

The housing crisis is understood by most people as a shameful episode in our recent history which devastated families and removed much of the wealth from working people into the pockets of banks and wealthy investors. It may seem abstract and distant, but it continues to affect many residents in our region. Together we can keep deserving local families in stable situations which will protect neighborhoods from blight while preserving family cohesion and productivity. Both long- and short-term, this will save taxpayer dollars, prevent crimes and illnesses and save our cities from decay and lowered property values.

One such family, living in Kingston is headed by a single mother who suffered years of physical and emotional abuse in a long-term, devastating relationship. She is solely responsible for raising and housing three children (two of whom suffer from Autism), while working part-time whenever jobs become available. She has also been diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum, which has interfered with her ability to find and hold suitable long-term employment. She has also been victimized by the predatory and deceptive banking practices well-known to anyone who follows the news, and her family is now at risk of losing their home through a forced ‘short-sale.’ I have known Joan for many years, and she is deeply involved in her community through positive social action, often working long hours without concern for personal profit or promotion. As the comments on her website point out, her home is a hub of support for those in need, and a place for people to coordinate their efforts to improve their neighborhood. Her presence is invaluable, and the price to keep her safe and secure in her home pales in comparison to the benefits she brings.

Reading about abstract problems and unknown victims can be frustrating, and can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. If we work together on a case-by-case basis we can prevent the damage before it happens, and preserve our neighborhoods and ourselves (our souls). I urge you to visit their website, learn more about the people involved and their situation, and donate as generously as possible. Any amount will help, and together we can make a huge difference in at least one family’s (and community’s) future.

Please visit www.gofundme.com/wecanbuymyhouse — and remember that we’re all in this together. My thanks in advance for your kindness and caring.

Mark Rausher