Gibson forms panel to explore ’18 run for governor

U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson. (Photo: Dan Barton)

U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson. (Photo: Dan Barton)

Local congressman Chris Gibson, long rumored to be thinking about a run for governor in 2018, has made a move toward doing just that.

The Kinderhook Republican, who announced at the beginning of 2015 that he would be stepping down from Congress at the end of his term this year, on Monday announced that he’s filed paperwork with the state board of elections to form a statewide candidate committee for the 2018 gubernatorial election. The move will allow Gibson to start raising money for a campaign. Incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not yet said he will seek a third term, but Gibson slammed Cuomo in his press release.

“For too long, Governor Cuomo has led with fear, intimidation and bullying,” stated Gibson, who’s been in Congress since 2011 and became Ulster’s House representative in 2013. “New York has been embarrassed by corruption and lags behind in too many important categories. We can do better. We’re the Empire State for a reason. And with the right leadership, we can live up to our nickname once again.”


Gibson said he’s been traveling the state in the preceding year, visiting 41 of the New York’s 62 counties.

“My travels have made clear that people across this state – from every political perspective – are looking for a new leader in Albany,” stated Gibson. “I will make the final decision on running for governor after my congressional term ends. But today we’re taking the first step in formalizing this possibility. Our exploratory committee will allow us to raise the money we need to compete and win.”

Gibson offered a brief outline of his platform, stating, “I believe our state can rally around four points: growing the economy through meaningful tax cuts and policy changes, achieving excellence in education by returning power to parents, students and teachers, cleaning up corruption and restoring our faith in our ability to be self-governing and protecting our freedoms while improving on the safety and security of all New Yorkers.”