A day’s work: Bank branch manager

Thomas Scott.

Thomas Scott

The first thing you notice when you meet Thomas Scott is his friendly, open personality. This quality serves him well in his role as the branch manager at Rhinebeck Bank in Hyde Park. Scott has been with the bank for three years. He has lived in Saugerties most of his life.

How did you get into this line of work?

I started working in auto sales with the idea of getting sales experience in order to launch a potential career in financial services. After a good amount of time working with auto sales, I was able to secure a position working with mortgages at Rhinebeck Bank.

What sort of person makes a good bank manager?

A bank manager has to be motivated and ready to make tough decisions. They also have to have strong interpersonal skills and be active and involved in the community they work in. Since I’ve been in banking, I’ve been a part of many wonderful organizations. I’ve worked with the Kingston Rotary Club, both the Ulster and Dutchess County Chambers of Commerce, the United Way of Dutchess/Orange County, the Ulster County Board of Realtors and the Hudson Valley Young Professionals. I am also on the board of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce. Being involved in all of these groups really makes a difference in my career. I am making connections, meeting people and building professional relationships. These connections and relationships are meaningful both in my career and beyond.


Do you find it difficult being a manager since you are somewhat on the younger side?

No. I see youth as a mentality that reflects energy, creativity and drive rather than just an age. It’s an asset.

What’s a common misconception about your work?

I’m not sure what people think a branch manager does. I have a staff to manage, but a huge portion of my job is building relationships with clients. I enter into a sort of partnership with them so I can help meet the needs of their businesses. I can help them with anything from setting up accounts and figuring out loans to helping them accept credit card payments. I want to help them succeed.

What makes for a good day?

When I can help a client navigate a complex financial situation to create a lasting solution.

How has the job changed since you’ve started?

I’ve noticed many changes in banking technology since I’ve been in the business. Banking is mobile now. I spend a lot of time helping clients set up online and mobile systems. There is less paperwork because so much is digitized. You can even fill out loan applications digitally now. A lot has changed!

How are the hours? Does the job provide for a good work/life balance?

I work hard for my employer when I am on the job and I work hard to meet the needs of my family when I am home. It’s a 9-to-5 job, though; sometimes I am needed a bit longer. I am able to maintain a balance between work and family.

What type of advice would you give to someone entering into this business?

Be prepared to work hard and make sure you are self-motivated.

What is it about Saugerties that helps you succeed in your work?

Saugerties is up-and-coming and has an energizing vibe. There is a creative mentality here where people are striving to be successful. I feel like I am part of a community with a lot of great, hard-working young families. That motivates me to work hard so I can keep up with the community.

That being said, I like that I am able to be involved in two different communities. I enjoy being a part of the energy, events and community in Dutchess County as well.

Do you see yourself at the same job ten years from now?

Yes. I really enjoy what I do.