Saugerties will replace village sidewalks near Partition/Main intersection

intersecttion HZTThe state has given the go-ahead for the village to use leftover funds from the recently completed crosswalks project to replace several sections of bluestone sidewalks on Main and Partition streets next spring. The replacement sections will also be bluestone.

Bluestone that’s still in good shape will be reset. Other slabs in worse shape — but not too far gone — will be available to residents to use to replace crumbling sidewalks at their homes.

Main St. sidewalks to be replaced: From the Partition St. intersection to just beyond Orpheum Theatre, on the theatre side of the street; Main and Partition streets corner to around Key Bank, same side of the street.


On Partition St.: From the Main St. intersection south for about 100 yards on the Inquiring Mind side of the street, then from the entrance to the municipal lot for another 100 yards.

The sidewalks along Main St. on the Smith Hardware side and on Partition St. on the Miss Lucy’s side were done several years ago, Wade said.

There is about $90,000 left from the streetscape project for which the village received almost $700,000 in funding from the state.