Roger Roloff and Barbara Petersen sign conservation easement with Wallkill Valley Land Trust

Roger Roloff and Barbara Petersen.

Roger Roloff and Barbara Petersen.

Roger Roloff and Barbara Petersen signed a conservation easement with the Wallkill Valley Land Trust on November 25, preserving their 12-acre property in the town and village of New Paltz from future development. The land is not open to the public, but the easement allows for potential foot trails to be constructed in the future. The Wallkill Valley Land Trust will monitor the conservation easement annually, working with the landowners to protect the property from development for future generations.

The land borders the northern edge of the Duzine School property, buffering it from the residential area along Hummel Road. The east end abuts town property that will become part of the Mill Brook Preserve.

When the couple first approached the Wallkill Valley Land Trust, with an interest in conveying a conservation easement to the Land Trust, it came as no surprise that they wanted to name it “Poet’s Preserve.” Roloff, a poet of sonnets, ballads and blank verse, has produced six books. A former clarinet player and choral singer turned musicologist, Petersen enjoyed a long career in the classical music business.


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