Election letters: Town Board race

Town Hall SQTime for change

The time for a positive change in Saugerties has come. I believe Allyson Barbaria is the change we need for our Town Board. She is a hardworking, dedicated, and extremely motivated woman. I know Allyson possesses the right qualities we need for Town Board. She will do what’s right for the people of Saugerties and with her strong “can-do” attitude she will get the job done! Allyson is a wonderful wife, mother and friend. She is strong-willed in her beliefs and goals and this makes her an asset to our community. She will strive to accomplish what she sets out to do. I personally believe Allyson with be a breath of fresh air to our Town Board and I hope everyone votes for the change we need and that is Allyson Barbaria!

 Jennifer McGee,  Saugerties


Thornton should be reelected

As a former member of the Saugerties Conservation Advisory Commission , I would like to express my strong support for Leeanne Thornton for the Town Board in the upcoming election. Leeanne was our liaison to the Town Board during the five years that I served on the commission and she was consistently informed, impartial and cordial during our meetings. She was a mediating presence during discussions that could sometimes turn contentious. Her fine past record of civic service speaks for itself and should be rewarded by her reelection to the Town Board.

Elizabeth Shafer, Saugerties


Energized and uncompromised

We heartily endorse Leeanne Thornton for the Saugerties Town Board. She is the most dedicated and hardest working public office holder we have ever seen. Totally energized and uncompromised, Leeanne loves her current position on the board, and it shows.


John and Nancy Dooley, Saugerties


The qualities of a public servant

When one thinks of the qualities of a public servant, I think of dedication to community, accessibility, integrity and bipartisanship.

I believe Leeanne Thornton exemplifies all of these qualities.

Leeanne has served as the liaison to over a dozen down committees and commissions. She has shown that she does her homework, listens to all viewpoints and communicates with the entire Town Board. She brings her life experiences and common sense with 40-plus years as an educator, former Girl Scout leader, softball coach, former president and director of the League of Women Voters and the Girls Community CLub.

She currently serves on the Esopus Creek Conservancy Board of Directors in addition to her town committees. I encourage Saugerties voters to reelect Leeanne Thornton for the position of town council.

Ronda Tucker, Saugerties