Montgomery St. residents complain of speeding

#-car-silhouetteMontgomery St. residents are fed up with motorists speeding on their street and want the village to do something about it.

David Zimmerman gave trustees a petition with 26 signatures at the board’s Sept. 23 meeting asking them to do something about the speeders.

Montgomery is a popular shortcut for motorists looking to avoid the downtown business district. It was also the scene of a recent accident in which four Kingston men were killed when the car they were riding in lost control at the curve that joins Montgomery St. with Washington Ave. and plunged over a 100-foot embankment before coming to rest below on Dock St.


However, Montgomery St. residents are actually more concerned with traffic traveling off Partition St., along their road and onto Washington.

“You’ve got to do something here,” Zimmerman told trustees.

“You know a petition will not slow people down,” Mayor William Murphy asked. “There are signs there but they don’t do anything.”

“Also cars speed down every street in the village,” Murphy added.

“Well you need to put something there,” Zimmerman said. “Maybe ‘hidden driveway’ signs” to make drivers aware that people come out of those driveways.

Robert Fanelli, Department of Public Works superintendent, said his workers can put up more signs, but he will have to purchase the ‘hidden driveway’ signs.

Murphy said he will “once again” go to the police to have them run speed traps there to try and get motorists to slow down.