Letter: Write-in candidates for Saugerties Library Board

library shelves SQAfter reading the article “One and done?” in Saugerties Times, my good friend and fellow Saugertiesian, Rhoney Stanley, and I decided to express interest in serving on the library’s board. We would be thrilled if our neighbors would write us in on the ballot during the election this Thursday, Sept. 3.

Dr. Rhoney Stanley has been a homeowner in Saugerties for eight years. In addition to her dentistry practice, she holds a master’s in public health from Columbia, where she learned the workings of nonprofit organizations—budgets, management, policy, and planning. A published author, she has experience with event planning and fund-raising for nonprofits, and has deep ties to the art, music, and scientific communities in Saugerties. She would serve the library with devotion and attention, focusing on community outreach.

I am a full-time freelance editor and production manager with 12 years of experience in the publishing industry. An education in graphic design for digital publishing provides me with a foundation in ebook technology and new media. Along with a lifelong passion for reading and books in all formats, my knowledge of evolving publishing and communications technologies, as well as new media models, would be a useful addition to the board and the community. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to support the love of books and public access to information the library provides, focusing on computer and digital literacy for our community.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration! I hope to see you at the election.

Lauren Manoy