Take our post-debate poll! (UPDATED, with results)

Shayne Gallo and Steve Noble shake hands prior to the debate. (Photo: Phyllis McCabe)

Shayne Gallo and Steve Noble shake hands prior to the debate. (Photo: Phyllis McCabe)

Who do you think won Monday night’s debate at Temple Emanuel between Democratic mayoral candidates Shayne Gallo (the incumbent) and Steve Noble (the challenger)? Or was it a tie? Weigh in below. Voting will close at 7 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Aug. 26 and we’ll have the results in this week’s print edition.


This poll is closed: Here’s the results and brief analysis by KT Editor Dan Barton:


So, here’s how our online poll on who won the mayoral debate finished: Shayne Gallo, 270; Steve Noble, 264; tie, 9.

Take what you will from this — it’s not a scientific poll (no poll where people take it upon themselves to participate ever is) and there was no way that I could figure out to limit the voting to city residents. What I take from it is an indication that the vote on Sept. 10 may well be a very tight one, like in 2011 where it looked on primary night that Hayes Clement won, only to have it go to Gallo by seven votes after absentee ballots were opened and counted. I would not be at all surprised if absentee ballots also decide the matter in 2015.

We’ve known for a long time Kingston Democrats are split pretty much in half, pro- and anti-Gallo. Both the Gallo and the Noble campaigns would be well-advised to find their highest gears as the campaign wraps up. It’s a cliché, sure, but in this case true — every vote really will count on Sept. 10.

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  1. gerald berke

    I thought both candidates acquitted themselves well. Steve was an unknown to me and I thought him quite professional, knowledgeable … so I think he stood to gain the most, and I think he did.
    Of course, I know Gallo’s encyclopedid knowledge of the city, so I’d already been impressed and alas, others may see that mastery of detail offputting..

    1. Kevin Buso

      Gerald, it’s only mastery if the details are accurate, which in very many instances last night, they were not. Shayne is fond of using whatever numbers suit his argument. For instance, count the number of vacant storefronts on Broadway. It’s a lot more than 7, which he said last night.

      1. gerald berke

        Ah, well, there is the communication problem: several stores that are vacant and for sale are in fact sold: 673 Broadway, a great building with 2 storefronts is sold.
        Now, I I were mayor, I would see to it that when a building is sold, is says that, right on the building so that people know. And I’d do that sort of thing for every building that this city owns, with a number and a name for inquiries. And those signs that look like scuba diving signs on houses: I’d put some explanation of those signs and again, I’d list the owners.
        Oh, but Broadmore is also sold! great building! and then Dunnon, down the street by Monkey Joes: that’s going to be great!
        It’s about communication… I wish it were better. There was a chunk done on the web site and the police run a great Facebook page and Parks and Recs puts out some good info… but I push for a communications policy. By the way, there is NO reason why the Common Council can’t lead on this one… but we accept Jim Noble as the Alderman at Large, a position of enormous power… that is empty.
        Heck, a good reason to vote for Gallo is to get Jim Noble out of that seat some someone who wants to actually do something can use it.
        The mayor’s penchant for speech makes him very curiously available to any citizen most anytime! It’s easy to get 15 on his calendar and you gotta be prepared for a storm on information!

        1. Kevin Buso

          Gerald, I’m glad you are of the mind that a Mayor flat-out lying is a “communication problem”. That must be a nice way to see things.

          1. gerald berke

            I’m sorry you are of that opinion. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion but the facts are more circumscribed. I gave you information: you ignored it.
            It’s OK for a citizen to say “I don’t like the mayor and my reasons are my own.” but when you write down your reasons, they are subject to question.
            At lease two very important buildings have been sold. There are two more: one has been brilliantly rehabbed, another is under way under a recognized architect…
            That’s just fact.
            Your active interest is noted. You might direct some of that to UPAC which puts a blind face to the Kingston summers…. there is no reason that cannot be a better maintained place and work more actively to engage local business… that would be a huge help.
            Then you’ve got Cornell Street, and that is totally gonna pop. This mayor has been engaged, and very very available to personal visits from citizens and groups. It’s different from other cities: you can call his secretary and she will put you on his calendar…..

          2. Susan

            Give us an example, Mr. Buso. You keep calling him a liar! Give us an example. Gallo knows more about this town, its history and the various players than most people, but his job is to lead and that he has done well. There are more things happening in Kingston and more people participating in the development of this city than ever before. We have a great department of economic development under the leadership of Greg Swanzey that is spearheading the way forward and have Mayor Gallo to thank for that.

    1. admin

      Should be open now – some unexplained (or unexplainable by me, anyway) technical issue. – Dan the editor

  2. Rand Rosenbaum

    Be mindful and proactive, Steve, to get every possible voter to the ballot…for SHAYNE ALREADY KNOWS HE’S LOST all political party endorsements, burned a few too many County + Kingston alliance bridges, HUMILIATED JUST ENOUGH civil employees who’ve differed, undermined sound counsel that would better this City and found he’s NO LONGER ABLE TO REST upon his family’s laurels. He came into office after 10 YEARS as Legal Counsel…thus, Kingston’s debt and status quo should not have been any surprise; as he was a part of the problem all along. History shows what DESPERATE incumbents do when they recognize they’ve nothing (and absolutely everything) to lose…and now we’re ALL watching to see what unfolds. After the upcoming Democratic Primary, Shayne will have ample time on his hands to actually govern this great City before he leaves office.

    1. Susan

      The backers of Steve Noble in the Democratic Party are part of the old establishment and part of the problem as well. Most of us are not fooled by this campaign.

      1. John Garesché

        As a relative newcomer and repulsed by the politica establishment, I suggest to you that Steve has the support of people who truly want the best for Kingston and prefer open and transparent government. While Steve’s connection with his Uncle provides poor appearances, I am familiar with Steve’s refusal to abuse that relationship.

        Gallo, on the other hand, uses and discards people at will. He is the worst of the worst of the establishment.

        If you want a fresh perspective and competent governance, Steve Noble is your best bet.

        1. Linda Hackett

          John, I totally agree with you. I have seen the quality of Steve’s work over the past 10 years and it is exemplary. He is a person with a high level of integrity. It would be honor to have him as our next Mayor. He chooses to remain true to himself rather than getting into a ‘he said, he said’ debate that only clouds the issues.

          I also agree with everything you wrote about his opponent.

    2. citizen K

      I wonder if some of those city employees aren’t the same ones that Steve is referring to when he says he wants really trained and competent people for the jobs they occupy. I hear a lot of generalization about Shayne, but the specifics are lacking. Much is carried by hearsay, and much of it is really unverified… it’s called confirmation bias: when you don’t like someone, you are more than willing to hear bad things about them without question.

      1. Jane

        I think I figured it out – if someone sends it to you so you can vote, the computer thinks it’s revoting. So I just opened it in a new page, rather than the linked page, and it let me vote. Thanks for being so responsive!

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