Letters (August 20-27)


No takeover

Your article last week about the Republican Party Caucus in Saugerties being taken over by the Democratic Party is not correct. As you know, Democrats cannot vote at the Republican Caucus, only Republicans can vote. A majority of Republicans in attendance decided on their own that Greg Helsmoortel, Fred Costello and Doug Myer were serving the town well and ought to continue in office on the Town Board, and in Doug’s case, as highway superintendent. Leeanne Thornton’s vote by the Republicans was only four votes short of a majority.

The July 28 Democratic Party Caucus unanimously and enthusiastically voted for Greg, Fred, Leeanne and Doug. We know they are doing a conscientious job to promote the local economy and quality of life in Saugerties. No deals were made between the Saugerties Democratic Committee and our Republican counterparts. Our caucus voted based upon merit.

The only “take over” that has occurred was by Team Saugerties that has served our community well on our Town Board, and that includes Leeanne Thornton, one of Saugerties’ hardest working elected officials. On whatever line you vote on Nov. 3, we ask you to vote for Greg, Fred, Leeanne and Doug. Of course, you are all welcome to vote on Line A, Democratic Party. Thank you.


Lanny Walter
Chair, Saugerties Democratic Party


Ciarlante will do better

Klaus, you almost got it right. Cat and company were not staying below the radar. Catalinotto and company, the Costellos, the Thorntons and Jimmy Bruno mounted a full court press and they only beat Gaetana by 27 votes. The people of Saugerties deserve to have a choice as to who will represent them. Here you have a small group hijacking the system because of personal differences. It was more important to slap Gaetana and George around than have a candidate that will represent the Republican point of view. How can one policy-making candidate, Greg Helsmoortel, represent the politics of four different Political Parties Democrats, Independence, Working Families and now the Republicans. Why support Gaetana? She will do it better. Why does the Conservative Party support Gaetana? We know she will do it better.

Dan Ellsworth


Barbaria thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every enthusiastic Saugerties registered Republican for taking time out of your chaotic agendas to participate in the Republican Caucus, held on Thursday, Aug. 6. I greatly appreciate the support I received from my fellow Republicans. I am honored to be nominated by the Republican, Conservative and Reform parties. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. Now that I have earned the confidence of all three parties, I will continue to move forward with my campaign efforts.

To learn more about me visit my website at www.allysonforsaugerties.com and like me on Facebook.

See you on the campaign trail.

Allyson Barbaria
Saugerties Town Board candidate


GOP circus

After reading this past edition of Saugerties Times, it sounds like the Republican caucus was more like a circus than a gathering of Republicans to nominate their candidates for the town of Saugerties,

When I registered to vote in 1969, I registered as a non-enrolled voter, over the years I have not changed my status. During election time I try to become informed of who is running for political office and make myself familiar with their ideals and platforms and then make an intelligent decision of who to cast my vote for.

It has never mattered to me what party affiliation a candidate is associated with. It has always been most important for the individual to be informed, present a platform and honestly want to hold political office, not for personal motivation but for the honestly, sincerity and integrity that he or she really may want to make a difference.

This year it has become apparent, at least in the Town of Saugerties, that is does not matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Conservative or Working Families party affiliation. A Republican can become a Democrat, a Working Families candidate can become and Independent and so on. In other words it does not seem to matter what your registered party enrollment is, because party enrollment has nothing to do with endorsements by specific parties this year. You can go to bed a Republican and wake up in the morning and be endorsed by the Democrats or the Conservatives. Have your ideals, values and party platforms changed during the night?

The process this year in selecting candidates for all political offices in the town of Saugerties has made a mockery of the idea of the political party system and what each party stands for. In true fashion those individuals that are accusatory, vicious and mean-spirited by nature have truly not been disappointing.

Christine Aiello


Repeal SAFE Act

In June the Ulster County Legislature passed a resolution supporting repeal of the SAFE act. This past Wednesday, Aug. 12, I asked the Saugerties Town Board to pass the same or similar resolution supporting the repeal of the SAFE act. The SAFE act has been criticized widely for its knee-jerk approach to gun and ammunition regulation, and in its first legal challenge was in fact found unconstitutional as originally drafted.

As the representative of the Conservative Party in the upcoming contest for town supervisor, I believe part of my responsibility as a candidate is not only to doggedly press for government accountability at the local level, but also to serve as a voice for the many residents of Saugerties who are upset about intrusive and overreaching regulations imposed by Albany lawmakers, of which the so-called SAFE Act is just one example. I am circulating a petition along with other Second Amendment supporters requesting that the town of Saugerties pass a resolution supporting the repeal of the SAFE act. More information, including how to contact me about joining this petition effort, can be found at CiarlanteforSaugerties.com or email me at patriot246@gmail.com

Gaetana Ciarlante
Saugerties supervisor candidate


Minew is a leader

I wanted to say a few words about Angie Minew. Just a short time ago there was a big push for a noise ordinance in Saugerties, over a neighbor dispute. I am a drummer and the town wanted to erect a pretty serious ordinance, that could potential land someone jail time for throwing a child’s birthday party or even listening to music to loud. I was afraid that I could no longer practice my artistry in the area or potentially not at all. Angie, knowing what she was up against, took the time out of her busy schedule to fight back! Showing up to board meetings, putting up signs of awareness, and even petitioning. Her dedication to the community, and everyone’s rights put her on top, winning and having the ordinance thrown out. I don’t know about everyone else but that really shows the true sign of a leader and someone that I would want to fight for me.

Along with not only fighting for us, but she also gives back, recently she raised $260 for our local food pantry as well.

I am a strong supporter of Angie Minew for District 2 County Legislature and if you come chat with her, you would feel that way as well!

Steven Fuller


Write in Allen for Indy nod

I have been registered with the Independence Party since 1981, and I have always voted for the individual candidate based upon how well they would serve their constituents and with no regard for whether they are also endorsed by the Democratic or Republican Party.

In 2002, I began to notice a pattern that had begun a little earlier where the leadership of the Independence Party had begun to almost exclusively endorse Republican candidates over Democrats. This bothers me as a 34-year member of the Independence Party. In fact, it is blatantly obvious to me that quite often there are inferior candidates put up by the Independence Party who are also endorsed by the Republican Party. And this seems to occur particularly on the county-level, as such is the case in Chris Allen’s two primary elections for the Independence Party’s nomination for County Legislature in District 2. After interacting with Chris Allen over the last two years, it is apparent to me how articulate Legislator Allen is and how dedicated he is towards serving as our County Legislator. Chris Allen has clearly been the more qualified candidate two election cycles in a row, yet the Independence Party did not respond to Legislator Allen’s requests to appear on the ballot in the Independence Party’s Primary against Republican-endorsed-candidates. This forces me to write-in Chris Allen two times in a row for a legislative seat that I believe he has clearly earned.

Legislator Chris Allen has earned my vote through his diligence, attentiveness and dedication. I would strongly urge all registered members of the Independence Party to write-in Chris Allen on Thursday, Sept. 10 for Ulster County Legislature in District 2 and exercise your right to vote for who you want to vote for and not the candidate that the party boss tells you to vote for!

Vincent R. Decicco