Citizens’ groups cancel debate

ktx gallo noble

Shayne Gallo and Steve Noble.

The groups, Citizen Action New York and Go Beyond Greatness announced Friday, July 31 that they have canceled a planned mayoral debate that had been set for Sept. 8.

The debate organizers had hoped to get all three mayoral hopefuls – incumbent Shayne Gallo and challengers Steve Noble and Ron Polacco – to participate in the forum. Gallo earlier this week said he would not take part. “I’m not going to be subject to a debate organized by [‘s] Rebecca Martin and her group two days before the Democratic primary. That’s unacceptable,” said Gallo. He did add that he would gladly debate his opponents provided the event was organized by a “reputable” group with a “transparent” moderator.

A press release issued by the three groups Friday stated that: “given recent events and circumstances, we have made the decision to postpone our effort at this time.” The group went on to note that the Daily Freeman “is working on a debate” and urged the paper to have their event, which the groups say will not be open to the public but streamed online, after the workday so more can view it live.


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  1. Rainier Parade

    Does it surprise anyone that Gallo would avoid having to answer real questions about his inept tenure? Now that he’s not going to be on the Indy and Conservative lines, it looks like Gallo might be the ultimate lame duck if he fails to beat Noble in the primary — unless he pulls a Cuomo on us and starts his own fake political party. Don’t let the door hit you, Shayne.

  2. Susan

    Most people know that the Kingston Citizens group is a pro-Noble group. Scheduling a debate two days before an election sounds like an ambush to me.

  3. nopolitics

    Of course, Susan, you are correct, and I “hate” to rain on Rainier Parade’s parade here. I would have been as if, in Kingston’s dim dark past, Joe McGrane ran against Frank Koenig for Mayor and McGrane’s son organized the debate(and held it at Deitz Stadium, hardyharrrrharrr). Martin and her groups have done some good things, but this is biased beyond belief. If they picked me to moderate a debate there would be a REAL debate that came out of it, but it remains very apparent that this city in its political power structure(which my parents helped create and solidify in the dim dark past of Kingston) still can’t get over its dim and extra dark past in a level of anality that amounts to something greater IN GENERAL(see the movie “Armed and Dangerous” in which Brian Dennehy, the Irish actor also seen in “Tootsie” filmed so locally you see, in his opening quote to the security guard class attended by John Candy–which probably won’t get past the censor–see the movie….don’t waitttt for the book!), so I’ll just stay in the shadows… now, Rainier me darlin’…if you are really out to sell Kingston the idea that Noble will be more adept at public office than the incumbent, you really are part of the problem of Kingston and certainly not any solution to anything!! He is going to raise awareness of the environment, oh fine, and what else?(not so much as fix my hayfever,of that I can be certain!!). He will stand with his base of …hmm…the Junior League…and ok if he puts Mr. Hein in a cage at Forsyth Park for Orangutangs, he’s done an Irish blessing for himself and Mr. Cahill(“May the road rise to meet you…and may the orangutang be in the cage fully one half-hour before you go to purgatory”). I’ll tell you what else:he will bring his family back into power somehow….especially if the incumbent A-A-L loses…and other Nobles will follow in a line of “Noblety.” And then all the little Nobles will go “quack, quack, quack” just like those little ducks out there on the little duck pond in the great outdoors, and have family reunions with all the little McGranes as well(roosters who cackle) Quack, quack……and cackle–quack. There. I just became an environmental educator for Kingston. Of course I did omit the Hogan family, but inasmuch as the current “Hogan’s Heroes” are doing just fine in his absence, while adeptly hanging on in the face of their Commandant(ie, refraining from bolting the uh, “Stalag 13”), I would say “Hail, hail, the old Rose’s hair(which must, at one time, have been coiffed and piled something like two feet high)—nevermiiind the weatherrrr…say it al-togetherrrrrrr.
    And in terms of plumbing, when you have a leak in a copper pipe, the answer is to just solder it up. When the water won’t go down the sink because it is moving around too much and the pipes are plastic and get all out of line, the answer is to glue the sink to the wall to secure it. When the kitchen drain gets clogged, the answer is sometimes to snake it. And when you need a sump pump, better to get a good quality, that is, top-of-the-line one(otherwise your problems with flooding can easily continue). Make sure the bobbing line in the toilet stays secure, and your toilet will fill up to a proper line, and make sure that you use that plunger when you need to. There. I just taught plumbing too(well at least to a standard commensurate with the mind of Sottile)—how noble of me!!

    1. Rainier Parade

      Thanks for the reply, NOPOLITICS. But it won’t save you on election day. Your writing style is a dead giveaway, by the way. Perhaps have an aide type up the next incoherent rant.

      1. nopolitics

        That as such a stupid–if not paranoid— reply I would say you might be Jim Sottile, “Rainier Parade”. And if you are–someday, someone is bound to rain on your parade in your perennial hubris, my man….

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