Newcomers get top spots on Saugerties School Board





The Board of Education elected new leaders at its organizational meeting on July 7. By a 5-4 vote, Bob Thomann was elected president and James Mooney was elected vice president.

Voting against his presidency were Trustees Flo Hyatt, George Heidcamp, Angie Minew and Chuck Schirmer.

Regarding the divided votes, Thomann referenced the quote “a house divided will not stand,” and urged the trustees to try to come together. He said they can’t be ruled by anger or hate.


Thomann, who said he was humbled, thanked outgoing President George Heidcamp for his six years of service. He said he’d have “big shoes to fill.”

Heidcamp, who was nominated for president by Flo Hyatt, declined the nomination, saying, “I’m very concerned with the direction of this new board and I do not want to represent this Board of Education any longer.”