Appraise your treasures at Kingston’s Old Dutch Church

A Continental Currency “Dollar” of 1776 was recently identified in New Paltz.

A Continental Currency “Dollar” of 1776 was recently identified in New Paltz.

Stephen Cardile, appraiser and founder of Astor Galleries, will bring a team of expert appraisers, including Mara Dean and Jessica DuPont, to Kingston for an Antiques Roadshow-like event to benefit Uptown’s Old Dutch Church on Saturday, May 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. No appointments are necessary at this event, to be held at the Old Dutch Church, located at 272 Wall Street in the Stockade District of Kingston. Items will be appraised for $7 apiece, or $30 for a five-item appraisal.

Cardile has been appraising fine jewelry, art, antiques and collectibles for more than 35 years. By popular request, gold, silver, jewelry, flatware, coins and possibly certain antiques may be purchased at Saturday’s benefit. Astor Galleries has been holding these events throughout the mid-Hudson Valley in order to educate the general public as to the true value of their household treasures. At a similar event in New Paltz held last September, one attendee brought in a coin they had found while excavating the foundation of their house in 1968. According to Cardile, the coin turned out to be a Continental Currency “Dollar” of 1776, originally designed by Benjamin Franklin. The value of the coin was estimated at $80,000!


For more information on Saturday’s benefit, e-mail or call (800) 784-7876.