Meet the Candidates: Richard Petramale

S101-Candidate-Profile-PetramaleIncumbent Richard Petramale has served on the School Board for 12 years. He is the owner of Saugerties Carpets and has one grown son.

What do you think of the current board and its priorities?

The current board consists of enthusiastic and hard-working people who care about the students and offering them the best education possible, while keeping spending at an affordable level at the same time.


Why are you running?

Serving as trustee on the School Board has been a very rewarding experience for me. To know that I’ve been part of successfully getting the district back on track has also been gratifying. For example: Working with the board and superintendent to take the district from a $1.6 million deficit to a surplus and receiving the “cleanest audit” that external auditor, Churchill, could give a school district, maintaining the tax levy below the two percent cap with no consequences to the students. I enjoy volunteering my time to help make Saugerties schools the best in the state and hope the voters re-elect me to serve for another term so I can continue help keeping the district on the right track.

What are your particular areas of interest?

While I am interested in all areas, I most enjoy working on the audit and facilities committees.

What is the role of a good School Board trustee as you see it?

To participate in setting the visions and goals for the district, adopt policies that guide the district in the best direction, set district priorities and achieve its goals, evaluate the superintendent, adopt and oversee the annual budget, oversee school facilities, being a good listener and maintain confidentiality of personnel and other executive session discussions.