Turnout 2 percent for uncontested Saugerties village election

Incumbents-SQWhen only 49 of a registered 2,188 voters come out to cast a ballot, the results are usually a foregone conclusion. This is especially true when no one challenges the incumbents. So it was with this year’s mayoral and trustees election in the village of Saugerties, held Wednesday, March 18.

The only real suspense was whether any candidate would get all the votes cast.

Mayor William Murphy came the closest with 42 votes, six of which were from absentee ballots.


Former fire chief Brian Martin finished first among the trustee candidates with 39 total votes, four of which were absentee.

Next was Saugerties Lighthouse Keeper Patrick Landewe, who garnered 38 votes of which six were via absentee.

And banker Jeannine Mayer received a total of 36 votes, of which five were from absentees.

All are members of the New Vision Party.