Developer seeks to knock down 87 Motel in New Paltz

Plans have been submitted with the Town of New Paltz to demolish the 87 Motel. (photo by Al Alexsa)

Plans have been submitted with the Town of New Paltz to demolish the 87 Motel. (photo by Al Alexsa)

For some people, 87 Motel in New Paltz is a landmark. To others, it’s an eyesore. Jay Thiese, with Hidden Ridge Development LLC, has submitted plans with the Town of New Paltz to demolish the structure. Plans call for both of the motel’s two buildings and the swimming pool to be demolished. The parking lot pavement would remain.

Town Planning Board members were scheduled to meet with the developer on Monday to discuss the demolition plans for the first time.


No plans detailing a new building project at 403 Main Street are on file at Town Hall. It’s unclear if the developer plans to sell the property or develop it after 87 Motel comes down.

Back in 2012, Thiese came before the Planning Board with plans for a rental complex called Hidden Ridge Apartments. He also talked about demolishing the old building at that time.

87 Motel isn’t in the best shape. Customer reviews on travel sites routinely give the establishment a low ranking.

Thiese bought the 11.7 acres and the motel after it had fallen into disrepair. He told town officials three years ago that the motel “wouldn’t look the way it’s looking now” if he’d been the owner.

To demolish the building, the developer will also need to obtain a demolition permit from the Town of New Paltz Building Department — along with site plan approval.

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  1. Have A Vison

    There is nothing “landmark” or “nostalgic” about this place. In any other community
    it would be fully considered an eyesore. Add to this it is a prime re-development site with
    its direct access to the Thruway and downtown.

    The best possible scenario would be to bulldoze the site completely, including the failed diner,
    build a new street facing commercial pad and a well-designed 4-5 story hotel. This zone, with the
    upcoming Hampton Inn are the logical place for new lodging to support our strong tourist and
    university community. It is a no brainer. (Sadly, I fear some in NPZ will over complicate the process
    and make it a brain-hemorage…) let’s try not to do that and improve this site with new, job creating,
    tourist hosting, tax revenue generating, new business.

  2. localgal

    Completely agree with above and the fear that we could ruin a great opportunity with over processing!!!

  3. Thwacked

    Any discussion with the neighboring Cvs? Interested to learn how residents will cross 299 for the “direct access ” cited above.

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