Letter: Marie Post, a friend to all

marie post SLIDEYour memoriam on Marie Post was excellent, and I would like to add a few remarks. There are so many people she touched on a daily basis. I can remember Marie working with the vets in Saugerties and her work at South Peak. I have known her all of my life and cannot imagine Marie not being here. Her work at the Town Shelter is legendary .She also worked with SNAP and with the Animal Emergency Fund as well as with trapping, neutering and releasing feral cats.

She did so many little things for people, from providing pet food to taking just that one more kitten in when there was little room at the shelter, to calming a nervous pet parent. She helped match up dogs for adoption with their forever families. (Thank you, Marie, for my Sara.) Marie is the only person I have ever known who would call you right back whenever you called about an animal in distress. She often checked her answering machine every hour. Every inquiry was answered with patience and concern.

Marie used her own funds for several years to provide the children in two Saugerties elementary schools with a monthly newspaper with information from the Humane Society. Humane Education is a N.Y. State mandate .This child-friendly information allowed several teachers to help the children learn about taking care of animals as well as learning to respect animals, respect our earth, and to respect each other. Teaching children to respect animals is one of the most important things we can do to prevent violence against animals, and as studies show, this in turn teaches respect for human beings .


With all of the work Marie has done for the town of Saugerties, I want people to know how much she did every day for the animals of our town. When Marie “crossed the rainbow bridge” I cannot imagine how many animals were there to greet her with warmth and love in her passage.

Sue Kivel