Town announces 2015 appointments

role-call-SQThe Town Board made appointments to various duties, boards and commissions at its annual organizational meeting. All are good for the 2015 calendar year except where noted.

Fred Costello– deputy supervisor. Costello thanked the board and Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel for having confidence in him.

John Greco– attorney for animal control, the building inspector, police department and HUD. Greco will also be responsible for tax cases in the assessor’s office, legal work in the water and sewer district, special prosecutor for traffic tickets and will be responsible for motions required by the Town Board.


George Redder– attorney for matters involving the Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board and anything where the town is lead agency in the State Environmental Quality Review process.

Audrey Klinkenberg– town historian.

Brinnier & Larios P.C. was appointed town engineer for 2015.

Nick Monaco– information systems support consultant for 2015 at a rate of $50 per hour.

Daniel Shuster– town planning consultant for 2015.

Town Clerk Lisa Stanley– registrar of vital statistics.

Deputy Town Clerk Leslie Duffy– deputy registrar of vital statistics.

Town Board members were appointed as liaisons to various boards and commissions:

Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel– Transfer station, animal control, Economic Development Committee, Tourism Committee and Property Assessment Advisory Committee.

Jim Bruno– transfer station, building and zoning codes, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, animal control, Economic Development Committee, Tourism Committee and Boys & Girls Club.

Fred Costello – Parks and buildings, police.

Bill Schirmer – Justice Court, Assessor’s, Water and Sewer, Diaz Ambulance, Ethics Committee, Historic Preservation Commission and Property Assessment Advisory Committee.

Leeanne Thornton – HUD, public cable access, historian, Conservation Advisory Committee, library, Comprehensive Planning Committee, Biodiversity Assessment Team, Historical Society and Senior Education Committee (Lifespring).

The following were appointed to the Recreation Advisory Committee for 2015: Bill Ball, Len Bouren, Lisa Greco, Stephen Dodig, William Creen, Jr., Kevin Pendergast, Joe Gavner, Rich Koegel, Joe Quirk and Dean Fabiano (honorary member).

Conservation Advisory Commission for 2015: Steve Guerin and Cliff Tienken, Jr.

Water and Sewer Advisory Committee for 2015: Francine Heinlein, Linda Sasso, Ray Mayone, Rocco Pietrofessa, Sandra Pietrofessa, John Poll and Doug Petit.

Cable Access Committee: Jules Taylor, Gus Pedersen, Matthew Phillips, John Kelley and Paul O’Malley.

Economic Development Committee: Beth Murphy (chair), Carol Ann Mayone, Bob Karcy, Jerry Schackne, Erica Krom, Steve Hubbard and Brendan Amodio.

Tourism Committee: Marjorie Block (chair), Mark Smith and Miriam Adams.

Comprehensive Planning Committee: Pat Fitzsimmons, Carol Ann Mayone, Josepha Gutelius, Barry Benepe, Carmen Gramolgia, Samantha Dederick, Susan Weeks, Steve Hubbard, Robert Dederick and Naomi Rothberg.

Biodiversity Assessment Team: Gerry Marzec, Sarah Mecklem, William Trumpbour, Mark Knaust and Diana Harris (honorary member).

Property Assessment Advisory Committee: Jamie Fine and Francine Heinlein.

Senior Education Committee (Lifespring): Susan Puretz, Colleen Greco, Barbara Kaisik, Richard Phillips, Bob Saturn, Fran Jacobson, Arzi McKeown, Marjory Greenberg-Vaughn, Marv Beach, Roberta Gavner, Sandy Ostoyich, Matt Ostoyich, Susan Kahl and Susan Davis.

Zoning Board of Appeals: Jeanne Goldberg (chair for 2015), Brian Sawchuk (Vice Chair for 2015) and Henry Rua (5-year term).

Planning Board: Howie Post (chair for 2015), William Creen (vice chair for 2015) and Ken Goldberg (seven-year term).

Grant writer: Marjorie Block at $20 per hour.

Ethics Committee: Cindy Saporito (five-year term).

Board of Assessment Review: Al Bruno (five-year term).

Steven Gakenheimer was reappointed deputy highway superintendent at $23.50 per hour or per collective bargaining agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 445, plus a stipend of $112 per week.

Darcy Snyder was reappointed secretary to the highway superintendent at $19 per hour or per collective bargaining agreement with the Communication Workers of America Local 1120.