Warren Schmahl show at KMoCA to help buy stone for artist’s grave

Warren with small self

Warren with small self

Warren Schmahl will be memorialized at the Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art in what may be this month’s liveliest (and most bittersweet) art show. Schmahl recreated the world he inhabited using cardboard, paint and whatever other materials he could find. He fashioned buildings and dolls, tableaux vivants and boats, collages and original creations. He pretty much invented his own alphabet, yet imbued all he did with a sense of poignancy and deep and true Outsider attributes.

Schmahl identified fully as an artist and loved showing and selling his work, usually at about $15 a pop. He passed away in his 80s, a little over a year ago. Proceeds from this KMoCA show will go towards the purchase of a memorial stone for his grave.


Warren Schmahl Memorial Show opening, Saturday, January 10, 5-7 p.m., KMoCA, 103 Abeel Street, Kingston; https://kmocainfo.wordpress.com.