Police chief turns down $2k raise

Sinagra-SQPolice Chief Joseph Sinagra turned down a $2,000 raise, saying it wouldn’t be fair to his officers who won’t be getting an increase next year.

Sinagra told the Town Board on December 17 he should stick to his contractual raises that parallel when the police officers receive raises.

“I think it’s only fair as their leader that I don’t accept raises when they’re not receiving raises. And this isn’t to slight the Town Board. It’s not to slight anybody in this room. But I honestly believe that when you have a contract, I have to abide by the contract. I appreciate it. I thank you for that. I hope you’re not offended.”


Sinagra makes $80,000 a year.


Other compensation not turned down

The board also approved the salaries of other town officials already stipulated in the budget approved last month.

Unchanged from the current year are Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel, $35,000; Receiver of Taxes Julie Dunn, $37,758.24; and the Town Board members at $10,000 each.

Highway Superintendent Doug Myer’s salary will go up 22 percent from $53,258 to$65,000. Helsmoortel previously justified this increase by saying that position hasn’t had a raise in several years and is now in line with surrounding communities.

Assessor Frank Orlando’s salary will increase $3,500, or five percent from $66,500 to $70,000.

Town Clerk Lisa Stanley’s salary will increase $2,401, or six percent  to $42,000. Helsmoortel said the position hasn’t seen a raise in four years.

Parks and Buildings Superintendent Greg Chorvas’ pay will increase $4,994.88, or 8.28 percent from $60,327 to $65,321.88.

Building Inspector Alvah Weeks’ salary will increase $1,756, or three percent, from $58,527 to $60,283.