Town set to pass 2015 budget

dollar budgetAfter hearing no comments at a public hearing, the Town Board is poised to pass a budget that would raise the tax levy less than 1 percent while providing payroll increases.

The proposed general fund, highway fund and town outside village comes to $11,820,325, an increase of $346,154, or 3.01 percent over the current budget of $11,474,171.

The tax levy for the general fund, town outside village and highway is estimated at $9,370,048, an increase of $91,854, or 0.98 percent over the current levy of $9,278,194.


The salary for Highway Superintendent Doug Myer would increase $11,742 from $53,258 to $65,000, a 22 percent increase. Town Clerk Lisa Stanley’s salary would increase six percent from $39,599 to $42,000. Salaries for Police Chief Joseph Sinagra and Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel remain the same at $80,000 and $35,000 respectively.

Full-time police payroll, the bulk of that department’s budget, would increase 8.9 percent from $1,244,371 to $1,355,187. Overall police spending would increase by 5.9 percent.

Not included in the above figures are the ambulance and library districts. Those budgets and levies are set by their own governing bodies. Also not included are several water, sewer and fire districts which vary depending on location.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Nov. 19 at the Market St. Senior Center, at which the board is expected to pass the budget.