Saugerties to issue tickets to jaywalkers, unyielding motorists

(Photo by Will Dendis)

(Photo by Will Dendis)

The ticket books are out for motorists who fail to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and pedestrians who jaywalk.

Saugerties Police Chief Joseph Sinagra said only warnings had been issued so far.

“I said the educational component would last through October and in November the enforcement portion would begin, and that’s what we will start doing this month,” he said.


For motorists, state law requires they stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk or about to enter a crosswalk.

In addition to crossing at a designated crosswalk, pedestrians not near a crosswalk may cross in the middle of the street legally if they cross at a 90-degree angle, Sinagra said.

Additional crosswalks on Partition St. are scheduled to be painted next spring.

Sinagra added that a lack of manpower has also slowed the enforcement of its pedestrian awareness program. “We just got done running a successful anti-drug operation with Kingston and the Town of Ulster, which resulted in the arrest of individuals selling drugs in Saugerties. That sting and other police duties have resulted in less of a police presence as part of the ‘See, Be Seen’ educational component.”

Police rolled out the program last March as a response to more than 20 pedestrians being struck by motor vehicles during the last two years, and the death of one pedestrian on Partition St. near the Main St. intersection.