Op-ed: Our picks for ballot propositions

vote squareHere’s our guide to the three propositions found on the back of the ballot.

Proposal No. 1 – It purports to find a bipartisan way to redistrict the legislative and congressional districts in the state, by carefully appointing a commission, two of your guys here, two of mine here until you get to eight, then they all together pick the final two, and they make a plan. And if the state legislature doesn’t like it twice, they take over and we’re back to the same old gerrymandering way. Now, what do you think is going to happen? It’s a sham.

You want honest districts? Put population and geographic data into a computer and let it draw the map. No.


Proposal No. 2 is OK. It cuts down on the paper printing of legislative bills and allows them to be communicated electronically. Yes. 

Proposal No. 3 is to bond (borrow) for technology in the schools. The argument against it goes that paying off a bond for 30 years is bad because the technology it will buy will be gone in two years. Or three, or four, or however long it takes for an iPad to be obsolete. That kinda makes sense. Yes. 

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