POLL: Gun show at the Kiwanis Ice Arena

ice arena squareA gun show scheduled for June 13-15 has proven controversial because of its location at the Kiwanis Ice Arena, just down the road from the junior/senior high school.

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In response to concerns from residents, the Kiwanis Club of Saugerties publicly declared its lack of involvement, writing a letter to this newspaper in which it stated the club “has no affiliation with NEACA or part in the scheduling of the event. Please direct any concerns to the town of Saugerties.”

When asked if the Town Board had any standing in approving or disapproving a show of this nature in Saugerties, Councilwoman Leeanne Thornton said, “The Kiwanis arena is a public space available to any organization which wants to rent it.”


While some feel the location of the event is improper (in light of school shootings and harsh laws regarding gun possession on campus), gun-rights supporters say there’s nothing dangerous about a well regulated trade show.

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