Lloyd Town Board reorganizes at its Jan. 8 meeting

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The Highland Town Board held its first 2014 meeting last week (L-R): Paul Hansut, Michael Horodyski, Kevin Brennie, Mike Guerriero and Jeffrey Paladino. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

The Lloyd Town Board held its reorganization meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at Town Hall. It was the first meeting with new board member Michael Horodyski. Councilman Jeffrey Paladino was named deputy supervisor at no additional remuneration. Kate Jonietz, full-time confidential secretary to the supervisor, was appointed budget officer at no additional remuneration.

The board passed resolutions establishing the salaries of elected officials at the same rates as last year, noting that there have not been any raises in five or six years. The board also passed resolutions naming New Paltz Times, Southern Ulster Times, Poughkeepsie Journal and Times Herald-Record as official newspapers of the town. Martin Luther King Day, Monday, Jan. 20, was established as a legal holiday for the first time.


Motions were passed to reappoint the following: Paul Garguilo to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a five-year term to expire Dec. 31, 2018; Scott Saso to the Town of Lloyd Planning Board for a seven-year term to expire Dec. 31, 2020; Vivian Wadlin and Michael Horodyski to the Lloyd Community Development Corp. for three-year terms to expire Dec. 31, 2016; and Mark Elia, Deborah Haab and Kevin Harris to the Board of Ethics for three-year terms to expire Dec. 31, 2016.

The Recreation Commission was abolished and the Recreation Committee was established, to which Eric Andersen, Sharon Morris, Kevin McKenna, Jill Indelicato, Kathy Schoonover and Peter Paulsen were appointed.

Vincent Mazzone was hired as highway engineer with a two-year contract at the recommendation of Highway Superintendent Richard Klotz.

The Environmental Conservation Committee was established with Jack Maguire as chairman. Appointed to the committee were Donna Deeprose, Dan McGuirk, Kelly Oggenfuss, Nancy Hammond, Leonard Hossenlopp and Laura Kelly.

The Water and Sewer Study/Drainage Committee was established with Louis DuBois; Morris Associates; fire chief Peter Miller; Robert Hebel; Franco Zani; DiStasi, Moriello & Murphy PLLC; Alan VanDeBogart; Larry Hammond; Adam Litman; and Richard Klotz.

The Emergency Management Plan Committee was established with the following appointments: Supervisor Paul Hansut, fire chief Peter Miller, David Barton, police chief Daniel Waage and Highland School District business administrator Louise Lynch.

Appointed to the Events/Beautification Committee are Kate Jonietz, chair; Stephanie Fraino, Sally Bellacicco, Annmarie Meisel, Joseph Indelicato, Lauriann Marion and Barbara Klotz.

The Employee Safety Committee appointments are Adam Litman, Lt. James Janso, Sgt. Philip Roloson, Eugene Roosa, David Barton and Richard Klotz.

The Economic Development/Greater Highland Community Development Committee is comprised of Charles Glasner, Vivian Wadlin, Alan VanDeBogart, Peter Brooks, Darlene Plavchak, Mikki Myers and Gary Pregno.

The Comprehensive Plan Review and Revision Committee appointments were Brad Scott, chair; Charles Glasner; Liz Weisz; Jeffrey Paladino; David Barton; Vivian Wadlin; Donna Deeprose; Patti Brooks; Scott Saso; and Paul Garguilo.

The Code Review/Revision Committee appointments were Rosalie Peplow, Michael Guerriero and David Barton.